Newborn Photography : Our in-house shoot with Zoomin

Just yesterday we received the final package from Zoomin. It was as if christmas had come early 🙂 We popped the dvd on and watched the slideshow, big smiles spread over our faces. So happy with their work, as we know that we’ll never be able to turn back time to when Little S was 7 days old. Chubbier by the day, she seems to have changed little by little.

I try not to write anything overly personal here, so no you’re not going to get a minute by minute account of when my water broke and how I went to labour (yea because everyone likes to hear about dilation and wailing and all that ay ). What I want to do though is to share my heartfelt gratitude to Dolly, the talented photographer who came to our place 3 weeks ago now, for handling our little one very well (who just did not want to go to sleep until the end of the shoot!), for doing a great job with the photos, and to Zoomin in general.

The package we went for is the Baby Bundle – which basically includes 1 no. photographer coming to our place for a 2-hour photoshoot. They will bring their own props – yes all those cute wraps, headbands, wooly cuddly things. And don’t worry it’s not just photos of your little one, you get to be in it as well (yourself, and both parents) – and in our case my mum was here so she got a few shots herself!

I’ll be honest here  – G had won the package through an online competition many weeks ago now and we decided let’s save it to when Little S joins us. I’ve always seen Anne Geddes’ type of photos and thought it will be nice to do something similar when I have a child of my own.

Enough rambling, here’s a few slightly discreet photos from the shoot, minus the ones of G, mum and I 🙂

Our little angel
No it’s not an ad for 7daysUAE, it’s to show she was 7 days old 🙂
Little S’ fingers and mummy’s
Little S’ toes and mummy 🙂
Three generations – grandma, mummy and Little S
When she finally fell asleep 🙂

Do get in touch with Zoom In if you’re keen to do one for our little one that’s coming soon 🙂

Liloneoftheashes tip : Watch out on their facebook or instagram for deals, or keep an eye out for competitions!

Many thanks again for G, mum, Little S and I!

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