Benjarong @ Dusit Thani Dubai

I think if we keep this up we’re gonna be fat people soon. He he he. #Needtostartexercising

DSC03173ย Classic interior

Few weeks ago I had gotten the chance to join in on the cooking class organised by Ah Lan! Gourmet at Benjarong. That was a fab afternoon, watching Chef Naruemol teach us how to make glass noodle salad, thai green curry and water chestnut dessert ๐Ÿ™‚ Think you’ll catch my big face in April’s edition of the magazine as well, hee hee.

Last year we feasted in Benjarong Dusit Thani Abu Dhabiย and it was one of the best Thai fine dining we had ever been to here in the Middle East… this time I was pretty excited to take G to try the one here, as I knew it would be good!

Fri night, we got dressed up, and drove up SZR to to check out their Songkran Festival Set Menu. We found ourselves on the 24th floor of Dusit Thani Dubai, and seated close to the little stage. It was a pleasant evening. By the end of it, we were both completely stuffed. My favourites were the tom yumย soup, the thai red duck curry and of course, sticky rice and mango.ย I loved how they cooked the sticky rice together with the coconut milk and I assume it was pandan as it was green?ย Yum yum yum.

So here you go, a collection of photos from last night for you to feast on. I’m not sure how long the Songkran Festival Set Menu is going for, but if you’re wondering where to go for good authentic Thai Food, check it out. High on the list with Shang Thai (SZR) and of course their sister restaurant in Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi. I think there’s a 2 for 1 in the Entertainer Fine Dining as well ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers to the crew who took care of us last night ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC03182Sweet Coconut Juiceย 

DSC03172Songkran Festival Menu

DSC03188ย Assorted Appetisers – my favourite was the prawn roll and minced chicken puff, mmm

DSC03191ย Classic Thai music

DSC03195ย This was enough to feed probably 4! The roasted duck in red curry was our fav

DSC03203Reminisce of a similar style in Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi ๐Ÿ™‚




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