Benjarong @ Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi


Pretty isn’t it.

Saturday night, after a full day in Yas Waterworld (which was awesome, by the way), G and I decided to drive back to AD to dine in Benjarong.


Dusit Thani is apparently quite new, having had it’s soft opening just recently. Well it was our first time ever to any Dusit Thani – never even been to the ones in the Marina or SZR! According to the lovely staff who served us that evening – Waree, Dusit Thani is originally from Thailand. How appropriate it was to dine in their Thai restaurant then 🙂


Sparkly floors, nice modern decor with just enough Asian touch to it.


They had private dining areas as well, nice long tables for big groups.


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You can probably tell I’m using G’s camera here isn’t it. Don’t you miss good photos. Not the fuzzy smartphone with Instagram-type photos, haha. Let’s get on with the food, mm!

We’ve had a fair deal of western food over the weekend, having stayed at the grand St Regis (blog post to follow). It was just perfect to end the weekend with delicious Thai food.

For starters, we had the Seafood Salad (fresh! 50AED), and Seafood Tom Yum Soup (60AED). Ah, mouth is watering now thinking of the Tom Yum Soup. We requested for medium and it was still pretty spicy for me. But not too spicy that it takes away the taste.



Soon after, our mains came. King Fish Green Curry (80AED, absolutely devine), and King Prawn (130AED) – work fried with garlic, black pepper and broccoli. We thought the prawn had a bit too much black pepper, may be good to tone it down a little. Still good though.

DSC09791  DSC09792

And what thai meal is complete without having mango and sticky rice + water chestnut 🙂 We have this everytime we go to Bangkok. I’ll say the sticky rice felt a bit on the raw side to what we normally like. But really, we left happy and super full.   


Pretty short blog on the writing part – I have a lot to catch up on! Benjarong is the second Thai restaurant we’ve been to in the UAE (first, being Pai Thai). Food-wise I’ll definitely give Benjarong the two thumbs up. May be time to check out the one in Dusit Thani Dubai? I think I’ve seen the an Ent Voucher in the Fine Dining Book? 🙂

Waree – hope to see you again soon 🙂 Welcome to the UAE!

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