Saladicious JBR The Walk

According to K, they serve the best Eggs Benedict in town. And so we thought why don’t we give it a try? Drove to The Walk this morning for late breakfast or what the rest of the world calls “brunch”. Luckily for me, The Walk at this time of day isn’t packed with Ferraris and Lamborghinis travelling at 30km/h an hour. We also thought we were so lucky to be able to find a park right outside Saladicious which is opposite the Ritz Carlton. PS – Do not park there – I got a fine after that 😦 Bus parking 😦

Back onto my Eggs Benedict πŸ™‚

So you get two Eggs Benedict + Salmon cooked to the way you want, bread and butter on the side. A glass of orange juice. A nice hot pot of tea or coffee. All that for just 50 AED. Happy happy.

No photos this time – I’ll sneak one back in this post when I return next time. It’s a nice cafe – kind of reminds me of the gourmet/organic cafes in Auckland. A bit like Jones or maybe Lime Tree Cafe? I wonder if it’s owned by a Kiwi ay?

Highly recommend.

Just don’t park at the bus parking.

  • Saladicious
  • JBR on The Walk, next to Starbucks
  • 043455822


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