I don’t usually blog on movies. In fact I think this is my first blog post on one so I don’t even know what category to throw this into. I just wanted to write a little something because I thought Stoker was just such an amazing movie. In the words of another reviewer, ” a gorgeous, twisted, hypnotic trance of a film. “

I think the last time I was borderline obsessed with one was Donnie Darko. So yeah, it’s one of those weird stuff that not everyone is into (which is probably why you’ve never heard of it 😉 )

Favourite scenes (Spoilers!) :

  • The piano duet between India and Charles
  • When Charles gently placed the heels on her
  • Charles and Eve’s walking around dining table

Maybe I’m biased because Matthew Goode is in it. Hee hee hee.


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