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He he I’m starting a post that I’ll keep updating, since I’ve completely fallen in love with the South-east Asian food in The Noodle Room. This will be a collection of my ongoing reviews of its dishes.

Click here for its menu.


*Gasp* – yes it is what it looks like – Char Kway Teow, finally found in Dubai! Taste was close to authentic. Very large dish (this was just my snapshot of my share). Only suggestion is it needs some tau geh (bean sprout).

Price : 34AED


I think this was the Singaporean Rice Noodles ? When it got to our table, we were like wow, look at that. Haha! For 34AED , it’s so yum as well, though I thought the noodles were tad too salty but that’s just me.


Curry Laksa, so much better than the one they have at Noodle House – bigger and yummier and cheaper hehe. Two thumbs up. 32AED!



Hong Kong Style Chow Mein. Mmm 🙂

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