#12 Gentle summer breeze

Sitting cross-legged on our black dining room chairs, warm summer breeze wafting in, Sheikh Zayed Road’s traffic overwhelmed by the constant drilling from the adjacent site. I wonder what they’re going to do there? Please built a park!


It’s nice to be home again. Here’re some snapshots from my little work trip to Makati :

IMG_20130603_000551Β Β IMG_20130606_170807

The underside of the pedestrian crossing leading Greenbelt to our workplace was covered with beautiful graffiti. What an ingenious way of beautifying an otherwise boring concrete soffit. I can’t imagine that happening in Dubai, though it’ll be nice to see a little more art here and there isn’t it.

That’ the twisted Infinity building below, almost done I think. Looks like they’re working on the raft for Damac Heights 2. I think if you love construction, it’s awesome to live here because it’s just on-going. You don’t need to watch Grand Designs on TV, you just need to look out your window. I guess the only problem is when they’re f-ing drilling at 11pm at night.


And to end a very non-eventful post,here’s a snapshot from my new favourite cafe. Shakespeare and Co. R and I had the loveliest lunch there this afternoon. What a beautiful little cafe, hidden at the corner of the marina mall. Don’t you love pretty pink things πŸ™‚


Wait wait – I forgot the best bit. Got a free upgrade to Business home from Manila. What’s the trick? Get your Silver on Skywards. During check-in, just ask, with, a smile πŸ™‚

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