The Med – Brunch @ Media One Hotel

Don’t you love it when Entertainer ME puts up special member offers? 🙂


Friday’s brunch plan was really quite impromptu. We usually either look in the Ent book (which doesn’t have many brunch options), then search online for the one-day deals, then Member Offers. Good thing The Med popped up, and eventhough we’ve been there before for dinner, we haven’t tried the brunch yet.

Good thing we did 🙂

I’ve always liked The Med. I guess it’s more of a sentimental value thing as it was the first hotel we stayed in when we came here more than a year ago now.

The thing with brunch is – for me anyways – there’s only so much you can possibly eat. What makes it different is :

  • a) how they put the food together
  • b) presentation, presentation
  • c) atmosphere
  • d) service

And I’ll say we were really quite impressed with the food in The Med.

There really isn’t a LOT, like in Saffron or Junsui. But, it felt like they put a lot of detail and effort into making each piece of steak, slice of fish, or even the combination of salad, that you really enjoyed your food.


It wasn’t about piling your plate. You know R and I were just looking at the prawn cocktail and thinking aww, isn’t that cute? It was absolutely divine as well. I usually don’t touch salads, but The Med had so many different combinations of cold starters, I really wanted to try everything!

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For drinks you get the usual white, red, beer, and ah – cocktails. Some places only have one or two options, The Med has quite a few. Try the Strawberry Mojito (I think that was what it was called?) – so yum!

And after you’re done, you can carry on partying at the outdoor terrace!

I think this is one brunch we’ll actually, go back again.

  • The Med
  • Media One Hotel
  • 12-4pm OR 7-11pm
  • AED371 per person, or go get your 2 for 1 before it disappears

P/s – Love the helium heart-shaped balloons 🙂 I took one to the terrace but some random popped it 🙁

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4 thoughts on “The Med – Brunch @ Media One Hotel

  1. I actually like Med One – Just because it’s really close to where I work and does the job… fills the stomach… I wouldn’t dare reviewing it though… ! Great review ! 🙂

    1. Hey Ashraf! Yea, pretty nice restaurant ay. I like that it wasn’t all too packed when we went so you don’t have to queue for ages to get the food.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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