Junsui @ Burj Al Arab

Hehe. Best time of the year – Jumeirah Restaurant Week starts tomorrow!

Last year, we managed to squeeze in Segreto, Pierchic, and Al Nafoorah (Zabeel Saray).

Have made reservations with Junsui – this will be our first time ever passing that bridge to the Burj Al Arab. Wonder if it’ll live up to expectations?

06.06.13 Update

The 4 of us went there few weeks ago now but well, it wasn’t that super so I just kinda got lazy to blog on it. That’s all I can say really. So sorry. I am usually very pro-Jumeirah restaurants but Junsui was just OK. It was more of ‘going to Burj Al Arab’ that was exciting. Crossing the bridge. The ‘oooh’, we’re finally IN the building not looking at it from afar. Well, that’s all folks. Can’t be bothered elaborating on something not so exciting. Ask me about it if you see me.


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