#9 Above the clouds

Harry Potter theme song playing in the background….

We never get sick of this ay

Beautiful isn’t it? Taken, Sunday morning 12th of May 2013 around 7 am.


That’s sort of Sheikh Zayed Road, with JLT on the upper side of the photo. You can almost make out Tamweel Tower that was burnt down few months ago on the top left (cladding burnt off, steelwork exposed).


This is our end of the marina, Infinity Tower on the right. Lots of photos during construction here for all you sexy engineering geeks 🙂


Another shot of SZR side.


Even the Emirates Golf Club and all of the Greens, Springs, Lakes and what not are engulfed in fog!


I guess it does mean the weather is changing, and that summer is here. It was 41 degrees today when I crossed the road at 11:30 a.m 🙁 

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Time to explore in-door bars then ay? 🙂

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