Karaoke @ Yuraku, Asiana Hotel

2015 UpdateΒ 

This post is currently obsolete. Yuraku no longer does the deal mentioned below, however please refer to my latest post on how their karaoke deal works πŸ™‚

September Update

Went back again last night, prices has increased so I’m just updating this post to suit, with a few pretty pictures πŸ™‚

Mark is the man.




Guess what we’ve found hidden in Deira.

149 DHS for all you can eat Japanese food (spicy edamame, okonomiyaki, oden!) + selected beverages (house wine, beer, sake!) between 7 – 12 am (place shuts at 2am), and you can book the private Karaoke room which is an extra 100AED/room an hour. So if you wanted to make a big night out of it, book a room for 10, and you can go from 7-12pm for dinner, drinks, karaoke, and end up paying 230 DHS per person! ( 40pounds!!!!)

So cheap, and so good πŸ˜‰

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