Tiki Style Wednesdays – Mahiki @ JBH

Have you ever drank out of a treasure chest? Have it brought out with music and confetti falling all over your table, and smoke seeping through? Haha well now you can, and only at Mahiki!

First off, thanks to CR for dragging us out last night. We really felt like just staying home and doing the ‘lazy weekday night’ thing (Bruno Mars song playing in the background). We got to Mahiki which has its own separate entrance to the hotel itself. They are quite strict with dress code, so make sure you’re not in your Barasti-gear when you head there ๐Ÿ˜›

Walk downstairs, pass a row of tiki’s and ta da, there you are – a very nice bar made ‘island-style’, scattered with tables all around.


Apparently, OK! Middle East are the ones organising this little event every Wednesday.

We had a table with a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka, and jugs of Cranberry juice + bottles of coke and sprite. Not bad ay ๐Ÿ™‚


Later on the night, out came the treasure chest and boy was that cool! The staff took it out with music and they popped confetti all over the table. There was smoke coming out of the closed chest, making it even more exciting. Felt like a kid again!

They opened it up and ta da, a chest full of ice and cut fruits and a bottle of champagne. That was poured in to make our own treasure chest ‘cocktail’, and it came with super long straws (where did they get that from?!).


Here’s a photo of the staff mixing our treasure cocktail ! Big thanks to the lady in the gorgeous dress on the right who took care of us last night (Sorry I didn’t get your name)!


And the rest of the night was just awesome. The DJ was there so music was pumping and people were dancing.


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Apparently the bar opens up to a massive dance floor. As it was our first time there and they hadn’t done that last night, I’m now super keen to go back on a Tuesdays for their Ladies nights! *Fingers crossed Jensen Button will be back again??*

  • Tiki Style Wednesday
  • Mahiki
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Tables Reservations Required

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