Manicure Pedicure @ Armani Spa

Hee hee. Pamper Day!

After some blueberry pancakes at Baker & Spice in Souk Al Bahar (it wasn’t that great), I left the troupe and made my way to Armani Hotel, situated at the base of the Burj Khalifa. Note to self : Get a nice big umbrella, summer is here!

When I got to the hotel and made my way to Level 3,  I did feel that the overall ambience of Armani in general was quite ‘cold’. I guess that’s just the style. Dark grey and white colours, long hallways, dim lighting. Staff in the entrance definitely needed more smiles to make up for it 🙂

Back to the spa – Saider welcomed me in, and I was then lead to the ladies changing room to get changed into the (very nice and fluffy) Armani Spa robe. (No, you cannot bring that home :P)


I wandered outside to the pool and sat there for possibly 5 minutes, before going back in, haha. Too hot!


Here’s the view from the poolside.


Armani Spa has a nice relaxation room, with a little buffet of fruits and tea. I had thought it was a wee bit bright in comparison to that of Saray Spa (personal favourite), but still nice.


And then, treatment time! 🙂

It was nice to see that they used OPI nail polish. Not many nail spas use it (or at least the ones that I’ve been to).


As with other spas, you are served with warm herbal tea and dried fruits 🙂


Titi and Armour were my therapists today. They were polite, and did make sure that I was comfortable over the entire treatment.

For the pedicure, the usual of cuticle, shaping, filing was done. The plus was when she covered both my foot (heels) in warm towels, and then wrapped it up in aluminium foil (!) to soften the heels. It was pretty funny seeing my feet in aluminium foil. I thought you only used foil before putting chicken into the oven 😀


Titi  took care of my fingers. I thought the overall finish was pretty good. Dark blue 🙂


Overall happy with the treatment. Mani pedi was well done and I left a happy girl! Cheers to the team 🙂

Have not dined in Armani Hotel before, may be time to take out those Entertainer vouchers and check it out?

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