#3 Winter-lovin’

I bought a green UCOB shirt from home last year, that had a cartoon of a girl wearing a beanie, scarfs, mittens, the whole deal. Underneath it said “I hate winter.” I thought it may be quite appropriate since we were supposedly moving to London.

I still wear that here, although I really should change it to ‘summer’, haha. Winter is amazing here in the Gulf. If only it was like this 12 months a year!

Just a few random shots taken from my camera over the last few weeks of the marina, in the Winter ๐Ÿ™‚

20130128_181138 20130119_181254

And this below, was one morning when the marina was engulfed in heavy fog…pretty cool ay ๐Ÿ™‚


Now, I’m really dreading summer. I think it starts to heat up around mid-April maybe? Or was it May? I suppose the little things to look forward to is Ramadan when we leave work around 3-ish, and then there’s the crazy Iftars. At least Ladies Nights still go on, and we can still go back to good ol’ Embassy for a good night in – away from the humidity and heat!

Speaking of Embassy, we were there last night and boy was it packed. First time ever we had to queue up just to get in. Between 8-9pm, the ratio of women to men is 95-5. It seriously needs more boys! If you have a secret fantasy of being stuck in a lift with 10 women, just come to Embassy on a Tuesday night ๐Ÿ˜›

So, what’s coming up next? Too many things. Noel Gallagher’s playing at Nasimi mid-March. ‘And sooooooo, Sally can’t wait, she knows it’s too late.. as we walking on by…..’Psy’s here soon as well, not that I’m too excited to see him. Sting in Du Arena. O yea, Justin Bieber? Haha. Don’t mind going if I win some tickets.

Till the next random rambles. Splash fashion show at Madinat on Friday. Hope that’ll be good!

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