Blends on Thursdays @ The Address Dubai Marina

Don’t drink too much of that pink stuff. It gives you the worst hangover ever the next day.

We brought some guests from Singapore there on Thursday night to “check out Dubai nightlife”. It was busy as hell, music was so loud and crowded with expats. Quite different to the last time that we were there months ago. A lot of what looks like “business-women” as well, hahaha.

Didn’t really check out the dance-floor as we were at the sofas having drinks and trying to talk. Probably not somewhere I’ll come back for the atmosphere, or music. And after feeling quite sick the next day after a few too many cosmo’s, don’t think I’ll be recommending this place for visitors either. It’s just that it’s a cheap night out with pretty strong cosmo’s, so if you’re up to that and some window-shopping, go check it out. Just don’t plan anything the next day cause you’ll probably feel like shit.

  • Blends
  • Tues – Fridays
  • Unlimited drinks
  • 8pm – midnight
  • The Address
  • Dubai Marina

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