Lunch at Beach Bar and Grill @ One and Only Royal Mirage


Isn’t that beautiful? 🙂

You get that a lot in Dubai. White sand, light blue sea, clear skies. And for maybe 5 months in the year if you’re lucky you get awesome weather.

Yesterday we took mum to the One & Only Mirage, located next to the Westin on Al Sufouh road. You probably never notice the hotel because you can’t see much from the road – what more with the roadworks that never seem to end on that stretch.

To get to the Beach Bar and Grill, you have to get to The Palace. It’s short walk towards the pool/beach and you’ll be pretty amazed at how beautiful the place is. We spent a lot of time snapping away ha ha, so if you were there on Saturday and there were some people taking a lot of silly photos around this area – that’s us!


Beach Bar and Grill is a nice restaurant situated right by…. you guessed it, the beach! We chose a spot close enough to the sand, but under the shade. You can hear birds chirping away and for a moment I thought it was fake ambience music ha ha. I mean really, you get fake everything in Dubai so it wouldn’t be so surprising! But  – all the birds were real! There was even a cat lazing around (that kept getting chased off the terrace by the waiters lol).

It felt like we were back in Fiji, minus the mossie bites!

G ordered the mussell platter. It was quite a large dish + fries, for around 110AED. We thought the price as pretty reasonable considering the location and view. The mussells were yum, but unfortunately for a Kiwi, they were ‘relatively tiny’! If you ever go to Auckland, you gotta go to De Fontein in Mission bay and order their mussell buckets. The mussell ‘meat’ in the shells are massive and absolutely delicious. I guess you can’t always compare things to home, especially when it’s not like you can pick shellfish off the shores here in the Gulf 🙂  It was good enough anyways.


Mum ordered the passionfruit cheese cake + ice cream, and I had the chocolate cake + ice cream. Both were equally satisfying (about AED45 each).

DSC07975 DSC07978

It wasn’t really lunch for 3, more of appetizer and deserts for 3, that came to a total of AED250. That’s Dubai price for you I guess – no complaints though as the food was good, the location was superb, and 5* atmosphere (with real birds chirping around you :P). One of those places you go in Dubai that reminds you again you’re living in a little holiday dreamland 🙂

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  1. Thanks for providing info. on Beach Bar and Grill. It seems a very nice place to visit and enjoy foods there. The images of the foods seem really good!

  2. Haha, it is, you should check it out! I read online that ‘The Rooftop bar’ at the Arabian Courts is very nice as well. Gonna be another place to check out in the cool weather 🙂

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