Cleopatra Spa And Wellness @ Wafi Pyramids

Sorry no photos for this one, aww. Couldn’t be bothered with photos last night as I had gone over straight after work. Couldn’t leave until 6:15 p.m grr and our appointment was at 6:30 p.m!

You can check out the place here.

I had booked for mum and I – the Cleopatra’s special called the ‘Refresh, Renew and Indulge’. It’s 450AED per person for 2 hours.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about Cleopatra before getting there last night. I guess I was a wee bit disappointed because the whole place wasn’t as flash as I had imagined. My therapist later on told me that it’s been around for 15 years, and was one of the first spas in Dubai. For 15 years, it has maintained pretty well I’ll say – just not super wow.

First treatment was a  the 45 minutes “Lime and Ginger Salt Glow.” I’ve had ‘organic body treatments’ before, with the Milk and Honey at the top of my list. Sad to say I still very much prefer that over the Lime and Ginger ay. I guess the reason is – the beds they prepare doesn’t have a ‘hole’ for your head so it’s really uncomfortable when you’re laying face down. The pain my neck/upper back seemed to feel worst when I was laying there – and that’s not great especially when I’m supposed to be enjoying the spa! I asked for an extra towel so there was a bit more support but still wasn’t great 🙁

The full body exfoliation with sea salt was quite alright. I kind of felt like it’s something you can do at home anyways, it didn’t feel extra special ay. Or maybe I was too bothered with the pain in my neck!

After the 45mins, you get into the shower for a wash-off. The light in the shower was a bit too harsh (white) so you felt quite awake after that. Not ideal ay – cause in Saray Spa it’s dim so the whole treatment feels like a nice dream hahaha. Personal preference.

After that she rubs your entire body with, was it Lime? I can’t remember, and as an option a full-head, neck and upper shoulder massage. That – I liked 🙂

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Soon after we moved to the other room for the Skin Specific Facial. I actually really liked this because they ask you what you want, and it also included extraction which was a first that I’ve done in Dubai. I’ll say she did a really good job. Oo and they used all Elemis products, including the Papaya Enzyme Peel (which I’ve used twice here and here and absolutely love it), and a Kiwi and Strawberry (I think) mask after that. Yum!

Treatment ended with a nice relaxing foot massage 🙂

If you were to pay for all this separately, it would have costed you 265AED for the Lime and Ginger Salt Glow, 375AED for the Skin Specific Facial, on top of the foot massage. For the price (450AED) I’ll say it’s worth it, but I’m a bit hesitant about coming back here though 🙁 I wouldn’t say she didn’t do a bad job – I’ll just say that I’ld much prefer a bed with a hole for my head (ha ha), and a dimmer shower for that dreamy experience. Hehe. Picky

  • Cleopatra Spa and Wellness
  • Ground floor of Wafi Pyramids
  • +971 4 324 0000
  • Website 

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