Maaraj Restaurant @ Gold Souk Area

This will probably be one of the randomest restaurant posts on my blog. I tried to google it and it’s quite surprisingly actually listed on here.

Last Friday, we took the family to Gold Souk in Deira. It’s actually quite an interesting place to go if you haven’t been before. I’ve never seen so much gold hanging around like they were selling duck in a chinese restaurant.


We got pretty hungry so wanted to find some food and asked lots of shop owners who just kept telling us to go here, go there. We kinda got lost and couldn’t find anywhere at all!

Whilst wandering around we found this random little Indian place, which is basically a little store where they cooked fresh naan bread in a clay pot, and a few pots of chicken, lamb, and vegetable curry.

IMG_9184 IMG_9183

We were hungry so thought, why not?

Lunch for 5 turned out to be 42AED (14NZD), and was actually really good. We sat on plastic stools, drank water out of metal cups, weather was crisp and cool, naan was awesome, the curry was just alright but hey, we were all very full and satisfied. My Β brother even got to cycle around the block on the owner’s Β brakeless bicycle (for free), lol.

So next time you’re taking the folks to Gold Souk and have no idea where to go – hunt around for Maaraj Restaurant. I wouldn’t have any idea how to go back there lol – get lost and I’ll sure you find it.Β 

  • Maaraj Restaurant
  • Naif Area
  • Gold Souk, Deira

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