DXB Music Festival

How new, is Festival Park?

Taxi man took us to Festival City Mall, and then we asked him – you don’t know where Festival Park is? He looked at us blank – Festival Park?

We got off, and then asked probably 4 other taxis if they knew where this place was. We even showed them the map on the website. Surely someone would know.


It was not long after when a few groups of guys ended up at the same place as us, and we all realized we were going to the DXB Music Festival and they were all struggling to find a taxi man who knew where it was.

How bizarre, that this is such a, well, supposedly big event (Facebook says 1000 people will be attending?), and not a single guy knew where it is.

In the end a friend of ours told us, tell them to head towards Al Badia Golf Course, and you’ll find it. We did 🙂

We were there from 7 till late. It was an absolutely awesome night 🙂

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Whilst we were waiting for other to arrive, we were standing at the front and a group of girls, they must be 18 walked passed us and one of them said ‘Looks like a cock-fest’. HA HA HA. SB and I looked at each other and she went ” Did I hear that right? ” LOL

When you’re out at the front, you see 80% boys. I don’t know where the girls were! And they all looked really young. Well it’s a 18+ event so they all must be around 18-20. We felt old.

The place was quite nicely set up. There were a few tents with music, drinks were ok-priced (35AED for a glass – very small glass though), lots of food choices (the jacket potato at 12midnight was de-li-cious) – although I was quite annoyed I couldn’t buy a cheeseburger – JUST a cheeseburger at 1am. It’s 50AED for a cheeseburger combo and I was telling the guy – I don’t want a drink and fries. Can you just get me a cheeseburger? He had to go back, talk to the guys, came back and out and say something like ‘Sorry, it’s already set up in the system’. ARGH. We ended up going drive-through at McDs off SZR later on and a Cheeseburger cost me 5AED, ha.

We chose an area quite far from the stage, so we could all sit/lay down and plonk our drinks there. The girls went to buy bunny ears and lights – that was actually quite a cool thing that they had ay. We had so much fun with those after a few too many drinks. I liked how they sold a jug of wine for 160AED as well. So much more worth it than to buy the tiny glasses, ha ha!

I can’t remember who came out when, I think Rachel and Fiona was playing when we were there. I love the stage and the lighting. Then Dev? The crowd went crazy when In the Dark came on (well, I did!). She also did FEM’s Like a G6 ha. Awesome.

Big Rossi and Preeti Malik came out soon after. Gangnam style! 🙂

And the long-awaited….. FAR EAST MOVEMENT! We ran close to the stage when they came out. They were so good ay. So much energy, so much enthusiasm. How great was the atmosphere when everyone was singing Live my Life ! I was drenched in sweat by the end of their set, and so, so, so, tired. Haha. The last time jumping with the crowd was probably, let me see, Lady Gaga’s Monster Tour in Sydney? When we went to Evanescense and Pitbull few months ago, it was just – al-right. This, was awesome 🙂

Good job, Live Nation for organizing this. This is our first year in Dubai so we don’t even know if this is regular thing? If it is, can’t wait for the next one. I love concerts in the park. Just the fact that you can walk around on grass. Lie on grass.

Looking forward to Sandance next !

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