Theme Nights @ Beachcombers, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Random school night. Didn’t know where to go. Opened up the HSBC Entertainer Book and the few places that we could possibly get on the GPS (without getting lost driving all over Dubai) was Jumeirah Beach Hotel. So we thought – why  not? Ha!

Beachcombers has a Pan-asian Buffet Theme every Wednesday night. It’s all-you-can-eat Malaysian/Thai food for 185AED per person. Take out that coupon and it’s 185AED for two people. That’s NZD31 per person to have all the Chicken Curry, Roti Canai, Prawn Crackers, Rice Noodles, Beef Rendang, Siew Mai… (I haven’t even reached the dessert part yet!…)… haha! You get the gist! Wait wait wait, did I tell you that it was in a 5-star hotel as well, and you can probably get an awesome shot of the Burj (without having to wear a suit and tie)! Probably one of the best dinner views in Dubai. Crazy!

Having grown up in Malaysia, I can be honest and tell you if the Malaysian dishes were authentic enough, or not, ha. The chicken curry and roti canai was pretty good. I really liked how they had prawn crackers ay. Miss that. I was hoping for some Nasi Lemak but there wasn’t any, aw! They did try to do Rojak – it’s called “Mixed fruit salad” so everyone else will know what it is, hehe. That wasn’t all too close though. You definitely need pineapple, and tofu for that. Then again it might be just Kuching-style Rojak, hehe.

They did use a lot of other Malaysian-type food and mixed it up with their own recipies. I.e there’s ikan bilis salad (anchovies). Stir-fried prawns – I was hoping for butter prawns! There’s some other chinese dishes like siu mai (chicken, not pork, sorry – but tastes just like pork? Ha) and vegetarian spring rolls. I miss dim sum ay. Yet to go for one in Dubai.

Desert choices was plentiful. Mostly western deserts like strawberry cheesecakes and apple crumbles. They did try to do some Malaysian-type stuff – I really loved the jackfruit/lychee agar-agar. I can have that any day, ha ha. I miss jackfruit!!!!

O yeah, nice to see some dragonfruit in their fruit salad as well.

Good school-night feast. We were happy. Felt like we just went away for a mini-holiday, lol. Weird ay. Actually a lot of places in Dubai makes you feel like that. How awesome it is to live here 🙂 Hee hee!

  • Beachcombers
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Pan-Asian Buffet
  • Wednesday Night
  • 185AED per person
  • Telephone: +971 4 4068999
  • Email:

P/s – They have a really nice band that plays during dinner as well. We felt like we were in Fiji again, ha 🙂

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