Family Brunch @ Luigia JBR : Authentic Italian with the kids

Luigia in JBR have relaunched a family brunch every Saturday and Sunday – calling it ” Il Brunch di nonna Luigia.” According to Google (I have a lot of skills, Italian isn’t one of them) – this translates as Grandma Luigia’s Brunch. If this is wrong, feel free to let me (and Google) know 🙂

We returned to Luigia one weekend mid February to review the brunch, choosing specifically when Carnevale was on. Authentic Italian food in a cosy spot was at the top of the list, but of course we were there for the dress up opportunity and fun activities as well.

Now, aside from the Carnevale specific kids entertainment, this is what to expect at the Family Brunch at Luigia JBR.

Let’s recap a little for those who have not been there.

Where is Luigia?

Luigia is a much-loved Italian spot in Rixos Premium JBR. You get complimentary valet when coming here for their weekend family brunch – which is a huge plus especially when dining in the hotspot of Dubai – JBR.

For our previous article on the venue, see here.

When is Luigia’s family brunch?

One of the very few ones where it goes on on Saturdays, as well as Sundays, from 1-4pm.

Let’s talk about the food.

Food is served to table in the Luigia brunch – so you can, as you should every weekend, kick back and relax for the afternoon.

I’ll put my hands up here and confess – theres a lot of food served in this brunch that I don’t know enough of. It was actually really interesting for all of us (particularly my parents) – to learn about new Italian snacks and delicacies. There’s so much more to Italian cuisine, other than pizza and pasta 😉

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You start off with taralli – which reminds me of pretzels. Tough and tasty, served with sundried tomatoes and green olives.

Next, an assortment of antipasti. Italian fritters – there’s one with three kinds of cheeses, one with rice and one with potato. That’s how I’ll describe it. Their description? Trufini, la carbonara, crocchette di patata e verdure in pastella. Waves to the Italians reading this 😉

We had home made veal meatballs with tomato sauce and pecorino cheese – delicious. The kids loved dipping the pifferi (deep fried pizza dough) in it. This reminded me of a chinese equivalent snack called yu cha kway which we loved having as kids back home.

There was buffalo mozzarella served with datterini tomatoes and basil.

Always love a good buffalo mozzarella salad – this was nice light dish to complement the heavier meatballs, fritters, and next up – mediterranean seafood tempura.

What about Luigia’s brunch mains?

There’s their famous miracolata pizza, of course, which I didn’t even get the chance to take a photo of this time as everyone had a go at it before I got back to the table. Buffalo mozzarella, San Marzano tomato fillets with basil oregano. Very simple, and delicious.

There’s veal escalope cooked in lemon sauce, then seabass with tomatoes and crispy bread served with ‘melanzane al funghetto’, which is a classic eggplant dish from Campania.

There really was, so much food for the afternoon.

What drinks do you get at Luigia’s brunch?

To highlight, there is only one price for adults – which is 220aed per person.

If you drink – you get a selection of cocktails, to include negroni, casanova, italian job and more. There’s spirits, wines (including atto primo brut, hooray), and moretti for beer. Really good price, don’t you think?

Now, if you don’t drink, don’t worry – they have mocktails like bellino (white moscato most with white peaches) and others. They also have a really good iced coffee which I highly recommend. Just be careful – don’t drink too much as you’ll be wide awake that evening haha!

Is there anything for kids?

We were there for Carnevale so there was a lot of entertainment that day.

Take note that for the typically family brunch, there won’t be any entertainers.

However, you are welcome to use their play area for the entire afternoon. Depending on your kids, I would say the playroom is suitable for the younger ones (6 and under). There is also a cinema room.

Overall Thoughts

Come to Luigia for their family brunch if you prefer a more laid-back, relaxed spot for some authentic Italian favourites. Let the little ones play in the playroom while you have a drink of two for the afternoon.

Head over to JBR after brunch to walk out all that food you’ve eaten 😉

  • Family Brunch at Luigia JBR
  • Luigia’s website
  • Every Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm
  • Price : 220 AED per adult, including drinks. Kids under 7 eat for free (pizza & pasta)

Disclaimer : We were guests of Luigia JBR to review their family brunch.

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