Republishing articles without permission

9th January 2023 Update : We have consequently managed to find the owner of the website and got in touch with him. All republished articles have since been removed from their website and they have agreed not to republish subsequent articles.

Happy days..

Original article below

There is an online magazine that has been republishing all our articles, without permission, since the end of November. They do it word by word, and sometimes amend a letter here and there so that it is not 100% identical.

As of today, that are 12 self-written articles republished on their site, with all photos taken by ourselves.

Test Post

This is a test post, to see if they actually read what they republish. And if they don’t, this will automatically get pumped onto their site within the next 5-8 hours, as per all other posts that they have done recently. We are simply adding headings to these short pointless paragraphs as they add an index on their site.

Update : This online magazine does this without reviewing the articles. This article was republished on their site within an hour of it going live. Hilarious

Reaching out

We have tried to reach out to them via comments on the posts, to no avail. There is no email address, no actual Instagram page for us to reach out to them at. It is frustrating. We don’t really know what is the point of the website.

Stop republishing our articles

So hello there magazine site, if there is actually a person reading through this – could you kindly stop republishing all our articles.

Thank you very much.

It will be quite funny to see you republish this article.

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    1. They’ve just republished this article as well LOL so it’s probably done automatically by a bot. Feels like I have a parasite attached to my site ๐Ÿคฃ You can see the pingback link above your comment ( I’ll delete the pingback later ). Unknown publication, all they do is republish articles. Quite odd. Don’t see the point of it.

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