Kids Baking Boxes in Dubai : What’s In z Box?

Joanna Karameh, a mum of 2 and food content creator started off a business early 2022 , preparing kids baking boxes in Dubai. It is called ‘What’s in z Box’. We were very lucky to have been sent two of these boxes to try out last week. Donut decorating boxes – Christmas themed. Now I am no baker so this was all exciting for me, and for the kids. Here’s a little review on what to expect.

What do you actually get?

The packaging is super cute – big and red, with its slogan ‘Ready, set, bake!’

There is an instruction booklet inside which basically outlines what you have to do – or shall I say, what the littles have to do. All the ingredients are prepackaged in there – donuts (ready baked), all the toppings including utensils! Mixing bowls and spatulas. You bascally don’t need to take anything else out.

How was the process?

Pretty straight-forward.

If you have older kids that can read, they could just follow through and do it.

I sat through with the two girls – age 4 and 6, to do it, as there was a lot of stuff – and it got pretty messy, hahaha. A bit of squabbling in between as well. The usual, yknow.

You mix the sugar and cocoa with the milk, stir it together to make the chocolate glaze. Dip the donuts in and sprinkle the toppings on. There are two options – chocolate or pink vanilla glaze – and they’re both in the box. You could do half of each.

And the final product?

Also included are ready-made Christmas themed fondants – super cute. All kids got involved to add the extra festive bits to the donuts, and devoured them very quickly after ๐Ÿ™‚

Our thoughts

The kids baking boxes is a fun one to do with the little ones – particularly if you don’t normally do baking at home, and would like an idiot-proof step-by-step box with everything already prepped.

I would see it as a fun one for birthday parties as well – where older kids can all do it altogether in a home.

I love that there are read-made Christmas-themed fondants to add – this is something that would take effort to make, and definitely not something I would do at home, haha.

How to get in touch with Whats in Z Box?

You can find the Instagram account here – @Whatsinzbox

You can find the Catalogue with pricing and details here – Whatsinzbox Catalogue


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