Bubbly Breakfast @ CMP : A Family-friendly Spot at The Pointe

2023 Update : Please note that CMP is currently closed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have free flow mimosas with breakfast? Every weekend, CMP Bar & Grill does ‘The Over Easy Brunch’, which is essentially what the rest of the world call brunch : a late breakfast. Add on bubbly, or if you are feeling in the mood – go for their open bar package. It’s a combination of old-school brunch and Dubai brunch, in a beautiful setting by the Palm waters, overlooking the Atlantis. We went over on a Sunday morning end of October to review CMP’s Over Easy Brunch.

Here’s what to expect.

Remind me again, who and where is CMP?

Previously known as Chicago Meatpackers, it was rebranded to CMP Bar & Grill which now stands for The Cocktail and Meat Place.

CMP is located on the East Marina at the Pointe.

If you’re heading over with the kids, one parent could easily drop off the other with the little ones first before parking in East Parking. Alternatively, take the Palm Monorail – the station at The Pointe just opened up October 2022.

Sounds fancy. Is it family-friendly though?

Very much so. The upper floor gives a more fine dining feel ; the ground floor slightly more casual. And that, is where we were at on a Sunday afternoon with 3 little ones.

Leather-clad couches means kids can sit together and be comfy. There is also a lot of space within the restaurant in case they get restless, or if you have brought the pram with you.

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Unlike a lot of restaurants in The Pointe – they have their toilets in-house. The ladies is on Ground floor and the men is located en-route to the First floor. Perfect if you are dining with little kids – particularly in the summer!

If you are in the winter months – choose a spot on the terrace and the kids can scoot right outside on the Pointe boulevard!

So is it breakfast or brunch?

You know before you moved to Dubai – the concept of brunch was a late breakfast at say 11am and you’ll sit there till afternoon time? This is what it is. They call it the ‘Over Easy Brunch’, though I think it’ll probably be better for the Dubai residents to understand it as a Bubbly Breakfast option – so keep that in mind when you go there 😉

It’s unlimited servings of All-american breakfast favourites – from lighter options like homemade granola, breakfast hash and avocado tartines, to steak & eggs and chicken & waffles.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a medium New York striploin with fried eggs and chimichurri sauce for breakfast? My husband loved the braised short-rib benedict as well. And of course, the kids asked for pancakes – with whipped cream and maple syrup. Good enough to keep them active for the wholeeeeee afternoon 😉

To highlight here that we thought each dish was very well-prepared, using fine ingredients. The avocado tartine was absolutely delicious – with rocket, green apple, candied walnuts, greek feta and honey. I also like how they are careful to ask how you want things to be done – and made sure it came right. Staff is very well-spoken, which unfortunately is not something you will say about all restaurants in Dubai.

And unlimited bubbly?

If you chose the ‘Mimosacoma’ package – it’s unlimited mimomas and bloody marys, including lemonade, milkshake, coffee and teas , which are all already included in the soft package. So drink up, enjoy your late morning/afternoon at CMP. If you’re not a fan of that and prefer other drinks, there is the open bar package which includes house wine, bottled beer, and selected hard liquor.

How much is it for kids?

If adults all do the brunch package – kids under 7 dine for free. As much lemonade and vanilla or chocolate milkshake as they want. Sugar high, haha!

Can go we go ala carte?

Most definitely so. You can still pop in the weekends and go ala carte and have a coffee or tea. Or a drink. Do have a look at the menu before you go – if you are a big eater, I would suggest you just do the brunch package anyways.

Have a browse through CMP’s Breakfast Menu here

Overall Thoughts

Do CMP’s Bubbly Breakfast if you want to dine in a restaurant that does feel like a fine dining joint, but is still casual enough for you to spend an entire afternoon, with the family. Food is of high quality, with pricing to match. It’s great for families, and for friends who want to do a bubbly breakfast in a nice place where you can relax, chat, and actually have a conversation.

And if you want to make a full day out of it, pop over to the shaded playground with the kids outside KFC before you head home.

  • The Over Easy Brunch @ CMP Bar & Grill
  • Every Saturday and Sunday 11am-3pm
  • CMP’s Website
  • The Pointe : East Side

Disclaimer : We were guests of CMP to review The Over Easy Brunch with the family.

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