Moules et Frites @ Le Rose Dubai, Address Fountain Views

We returned to Le Rose on a Tuesday evening, to review their Moules et Frites night. Mussels and fries, for those who are not well-versed in french (*waves*, me!). Went with a girlfriend this time – as it’s not just a date night spot, is it? It’s just a nice, intimate place to go catch up with family and friends – the floral photo op frame is just a bonus 😉

If you have never been to Le Rose – have a quick read through here to see where it is, and how the place is like. It’s basically on the 12th floor of the Address Fountain Views, with a cosy indoor space, and a nice outdoor terrace overlooking the Burj Khalifa.

Mussels and Fries Night?

Every Tuesday, it’s Mussels and Fries night at Le Rose. For 99 AED you get a pot of mussels, and unlimited fries. You can go ala carte for drinks, or otherwise top up for free-flow wine for 165 AED.

I was half-expecting a tiny pot, since the place is – I would call – “fine dining”. Glad to see a massive one served, with so many in there – big fat juicy mussels. We were both absolutely stuffed by the end of the night. We never asked for more fries 😉

If you or your dining partner wants to try something else – have a look at Le Rose’s Food Menu here.

Do they have desserts?

Of course they do.

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We tried their Tarte de Citron this time – this is french meringue on a lemon curd tart. Loved that they used kumquat confit as well. It’s a small piece, which we both shared as we really couldn’t have anything else more after all that mussels, and fries. And wine. Okay, maybe it was the wine.

What’s the ambience like on a Tuesday night?

There was surprisingly quite a lot of people on a Tuesday night. It was a nice buzz. There was a DJ on the decks, spinning to french lounge music. To mention – no kids….:) It was afterall, a school night.

Are kids allowed though?

Kids are allowed, except for Fri to Saturdays after 9pm.

On other days, as the indoor space is very cosy – I would strongly suggest that you sit outside if you were there with the little ones.

Overall Thoughts

Another well-priced offer at Le Rose. Go, if you like your mussels – and a lot of it.

It’s also a really chilled spot for ‘Burj Khalifa’ views, and to see the laser shows – if you don’t want to be smack bang in the centre of it all at Dubai Mall. It’s kind of like a hidden gem, isn’t it? 🙂 Ssh, don’t tell too many people…

Did you know they also have a Steak et Frites night on Thursdays? Yep…. Steak and Fries, look at you, speaking french now!

  • Moules et Frites Night
  • Le Rose, Address Fountain Views Dubai
  • Website
  • Every Tuesday Night from 7pm
  • Offer : 99 AED including Pot of Mussels & Unlimited Fries + 165 AED for Unlimited Wine (2 hours sitting)

Disclaimer : We were guests of Le Rose to review the venue during its Moules et Frites Night.

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