Date Night @ Eauzone, One&Only Royal Mirage Dubai

We returned to Eauzone one fine school night, all excited and dressed up for a much-awaited date night. One&Only Royal Mirage’s modern asian beachside restaurant had recently introduced a new menu. It would be our first time dining there without the little people, which also means we can actually look at the food, eat it slowly, and enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚ We can also have a conversation with each other.

And that’s what Eauzone is best for isn’t it? A proper, romantic date night? ๐Ÿ™‚

Go early.

If you have never been to Eauzone, allow yourself to get there at least 20 minutes before your reservation time as you will definitely end up taking a dozen photos. That beautiful winding wooden walkway leading towards the restaurant – pool on one side, water feature on the other. Don’t be shy – everyone does it. Snap away.

Where’s the best place to sit?

We were initially sat on the terrace right by the beach, where we were awhile back when we were there for lunch. It’s nice to watch the sun set from there. Would have been a perfect spot for sundowners, if not for the horrendous Dubai Harbour buildings (just pretend they don’t exist, and look towards JBR when you are sitting there…)

We then shifted to the floating terrace by the waterways as it got too windy and I highly recommend you book a spot there as the views there is just so dreamy. Turquoise water, palm trees, and the marina skyscrapers beyond.

Let’s talk about the new menu.

You get bites to share, with edamame with maldon salt starting at 40 AED. Asian tacos (2 pieces) priced at 35 AED (vegetarian) to 50 AED for lobster with wasabi sour cream. Sashimi (3 pieces) priced at 55 AED, and a variety of starters (salads, ceviches) averaging around 90 AED.

Mains are around the 200 AED mark – there is a lot of seafood in there (cod tempura, sea bass, sea bream, lobster…) plus your meat – beef, lamb chops, and chicken.

Have a browse through their dinner menu here, and here.

What did we have, and how was it?

We ordered a few things from the starters to try.

Lobster tacos served with wasabi sour cream and coriander (50 AED), salmon sashimi (55 AED), and hamachi sashimi coriander salad (125 AED). Note food portions – much like Sea Fu is on the smaller side (please warn husbands beforehand) but they do make up for it with presentation and taste. Loved the coriander salad – a tiny kick of spice from the jalapeno and garlic, the crunch from the cucumber, all put together with yuzu soy sauce.

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Moving to mains, we had the Australian wagyu rib eye steak served with teriyaki sauce and pickled vegetables. Haven’t had wagyu for awhile so this was perfect, albeit expensive at 340 AED.

I was very happy with my grilled tiger prawns. I was kind of expecting 3 pieces but there was…………more than 3. This is the part where I am supposed to tell you how many but I have gone through all my photos and I cannot figure it out. If I say 5, and you get 4, I get in trouble. If I say 6, and you get 5, I get in trouble so I’ll keep quiet and say – more than 3 ๐Ÿ™‚ It was tasty – tossed with almond and coconut, mango chutney on the side, the red curry too. To mention that all mains are served with fried rice or sauteed vegetables.

What about desserts?

We went with mochi ice cream (no surprise there) – priced the same as recent asian fine dining spots we have been to. The coconut rice pudding with lychee sorbet and raspberries was a nice light refreshing end to the evening.

Overall Thoughts.

Save Eauzone for that special date night if you can, as it is quite a romantic spot.

Go early, get lost in the gardens of One&Only with your other half and spend the rest of the evening at Eauzone by the waterways. Make sure you check the menu before you go so there are no ‘surprises’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is a high end fine dining joint, and priced accordingly. Excluding drinks, I would allow at least 600 AED for dinner for two.

Please let me know how it is if you go ๐Ÿ˜‰ And if you wanted to make it a whole day affair – why not spend a day at the pool by Eauzone.

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Disclaimer : We were guests of One&Only Royal Mirage Dubai to review the new menu at Eauzone over dinner.

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