The Palazzo Versace High Tea @ Mosaico Lounge Dubai

Having done the afternoon tea a few years back, I decided to return to Mosaico Lounge again as a treat for a dear family friend of ours over the Christmas period. I wanted somewhere nice, somewhere different than our neighbourhood here in the marina, and of course – an offer, any offer will be a plus.

Whilst there were only 2 adults, we did have all 3 kids with us – so if Entertainer offers a buy 1 get 1 free on the – why not, right?

Thoughts for the afternoon?

Well – I can’t fault the venue itself – the furniture, the mosaic flooring, even the Versace teacups is notable and impressive.

The 300 AED spread itself was a bit…I can’t find a word to describe it. Let’s just say I expected a bit more from the Palazzo? Just checked the price on their website and it is now 360 AED – maybe they have changed some of the ingredients?

Just so you know exactly what you get – this is the stand itself.

For those of you who like to know the nitty gritty, here’s Mosaico Lounge’s High Tea menu – which breaks it down completely.

Spread aside – which to their defense, we did enjoy, the main let down was the service that day. We went around Christmas and sure, it’s the holiday season in Dubai and every hotel is busy. But – it was not busy when we arrived around 1:30pm in the afternoon.

The team was slow to attend to us after we were shown our seats. Coffee took awhile to arrive (note : Never serve food before drinks). Subsequent orders took even longer, resulting in me getting off my seat and looking for someone. Second note : Never have guests sitting around with an empty cup. As an overall, service felt impersonal – just not what you would expect in Dubai, what more the Palazzo Versace.

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Is it always like this?

Have you been to Mosaico? Sorry but I’m crossing this place off my list and moving on to the next. If you were to ask me – will I recommend it? Let’s put it this way – now that you know exactly what you will get (refer photo, and refer menu for details) – and if you have never been to Mosaico, give it a try. Maybe service will be better when you are there 😉

  • Palazzo Versace High Tea
  • Website
  • Mosaico Lounge, Palazzo Versace
  • Price : 300 AED for 2 sets (As of 2022 – it is priced at 360 AED)
  • Offer : 2 for 1 with the Entertainer. So it will be 360 AED for 4 people (2 sets)

Note : Non-sponsored post. We paid for high tea at Mosaico Lounge, availing to the Entertainer 2 for 1 voucher.

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