Arabian Ranches : We’ve all thought about moving there.

Arabian Ranches. We all have a friend that lives there.

And if you have always lived in an apartment like me, I am sure everytime you visit a friend who lives that way, while you guys are making that ‘road trip’ home – you’ll say to your husband… “Wouldn’t it be nice if we moved to the Ranches?” Big houses, huge backyards. Such a green community as well.

Well, one of these family friends that we have is David – owner of Your Space UAE – who designs and builds stand-alone rooms in residential gardens. Him and his wife, and 5-year old boy – they have a beautiful home in the Ranches. This piece is written by him. Have a read.

Original Arabian ranches (Arabian Ranches 1)  consists of a number of communities over a large area of land, approximately 10 mins drive inland from the Burj Al Arab.

Saheel Community

We live in the Saheel Community which is basically the beginning of Arabian Ranches 1, with great access out of Gate 1 onto all the major routes to the airport, coastal areas, downtown dubai or out to the desert if dune bashing and camping out is your thing.

We were lucky enough to buy our villa a few years ago here in Saheel, after a long search for a home in all the communities available for expats.

I had always secretly hankered after living here, after visiting friends who lived in the Arabian Ranches – from the time I first came to Dubai, as it the area did leave a lasting impression. Saheel has a certain uniqueness about it which we really love. The modernist style villas have great open plan layouts on spacious garden plots. 

Saheel is an old community by Dubai standards but that’s the appeal. The master planning and semi desert landscaping is excellent. The winding streets are wide and tree lined with little streets and cul de sacs branching off. This is very unusual in Dubai these days, as the current developers have now decided that building villas close together in rows as far as the eye can see is the way to go! 

Our villa is in a Cul de Sac, so very quiet with very little through traffic, ideal for the kids to ride their bikes and play with the other kids in the street. 

The Community centre 

Arabian Ranches 1 Community Centre is sort of Dubai Old School, which is a great thing! It is a fairly low key, one-level shopping centre, with a smallish Carrefour supermarket, hairdresser, coffee shop, pharmacy etc… an antidote from the big malls in Dubai.

The great thing personally for myself and the family, is picking up the fresh baked  french bread and croissants early, for Friday morning breakfast. 

The Parks

One of the most appealing things about the Ranches, and especially Saheel community is the numerous mature parks interspersed between all the villas. These are all jointed up to create a large network for walking and cycling – great for evening walks. The parks are planted in a really sympathetic and natural way that makes you want to explore the meandering pathways. Really feels like Saheel’s little secret. 

The community also has big communal pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and covered kids play areas.

Golf club and Maison Mathis

We are not golfers ourselves, but on occasion we like to go to the Arabian Ranches Golf Club for an evening meal and drinks,  especially in the winter months when we walk from our villa in Saheel community. This takes about 15 mins through the parks and along the cycle paths. The Golf club also has an independent restaurant called Maison Mathis, great  to take the kids or visitors for a late breakfast, with views over the beautifully landscaped golf course. You have to book early get a seat outside though!

Have you been to the Ranches? Do you live in the Ranches?

I have lived in Dubai with my family for the past 13 years, working in the Hospitality Design Sector as a Hotel Interior Designer Director. I have worked for many of the Middle East’s most prominent design companies working on projects for the largest hotel groups in the MENA region and worldwide. 

More recently I have started my own company in Dubai called ‘Your Space’ (LLC). We design and build garden rooms for the emerging residential demand for home office, gym and pool room spaces. 

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This is one of a series of posts which forms “Is Dubai suitable for families?“ Have a read of other thought pieces from parents who live in various different neighbourhoods in Dubai.

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