Is JBR Family-Friendly? : Diana, Owner of TailmeStory Writes

Jumeirah Beach Residence or as most of us call JBR – is the strip across Dubai Marina, where a series of apartment blocks lay, facing the Arabian Gulf. A lot of tourists who come to Dubai choose to stay in this end of town for good reasons.

If you’re planning on coming here for a holiday with kids, or planning on moving to this end of town, here are some insights from a resident who has lived here since 2016 with her family – Diana, a mum of 2 beautiful kids and owner of TailmeStory. Enjoy :

Why we love living in JBR as a family :

1. The Beach.

Number one would definitely be the beach!

Imagine waking up in the morning, and deciding that you would like to go to the beach. Off we go – no bags, just yourself walking 3 mins to the sea to swim, soaking in the morning sun and then heading back home for breakfast.

We’re lucky as well to be able to enjoy the sunset by the beach everyday. It also means we get the cool sea breeze as it is not as hot as compared to staying inland in the desert.

2. Convenience.

Groceries, Restaurants, Shops and the nursery are all within walking distance. 

A few of the Restaurants that we usually go to are :

3. Safety.

I don’t know how many times I’ve left my phone at the playground and went home. When I go back, the phone was still sitting at the same spot. Or when my daughter forgot her bike – all we had to do is ask the security and they had stored it in the lost and found.

4. Family-friendly Community.

Neighbors that become like family.

Eventhough we don’t have dogs, the community is dog friendly too which is great for our kids to interact with when they play outside. 

5. Community Gym and pools.

The gym is always clean and there are so many pools available for residents to use.

6. Tourist Spot

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Last one that comes in mind is – it’s good to stay in a tourist spot.

Whenever we have family who visits, they instantly have that holiday vibe even before taking them around.

Things that could be better?

One minus point about living in JBR is just the apartment itself. While it is quite spacious, I find it to be of an old design.

A little bit about myself, my name is Diana, I’m German but I spent most of my life in Indonesia.

After graduating from International relations major, I chose to teach yoga then moved to Dubai in 2016. Now I’m a full time mom of 2 kids and a small business owner of TailmeStory, a business that is inspired by my daughter who was obsessed with mermaids.

I’m quite antisocial (but people never believe when I say this :)), I don’t hate people, I just enjoy being alone too much, I would always choose my couch and netflix than having a night out. I have never felt more at home than living in Dubai, for now we are very happy here. 

If you do end up in JBR, have a browse through the website to find out where to eat and drink, or spend a day at the pool and beach.

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