Dubai Fog – Winter 2021 Edition

Back when we used to live on the 59th floor, we were always above the fog when it came. For obvious reasons – fire and kids mainly, we moved to a different building and to a much lower floor since. For the last week or so it has been foggy nearly every other morning and I started feeling a little restless. Where can I go to be above the clouds? A few phonecalls here and there, messages on forums and insta-stalking, I landed on a fellow blogger Angelo Santos’ instagram – here. He was really nice to advise where he had been, so on the way home from the early morning school-run – I dropped by Taj JLT.

Paros, it was.

Such a missed opportunity for so many high-level restaurant and bars in Dubai to make something out of this week-long fog. Why not open it for a coffee or breakfast?

Enjoy the photos. It was absolutely stunning to be above the clouds again.

And what does that mean then for all of us? Hello there summer, looks like you’re coming soon ay? 🙂

For other photos of the Dubai Fog – click here.

Credits to Angelo Santos for sharing his tips – click here for his post as well 😉

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