“Little Roxy” Cinema Experience @ The Beach JBR

Something nice to do with the little ones that wouldn’t cost an arm and leg. A movie morning, which includes breakfast, entertainment and free parking. Here’s what “Little Roxy” Cinema Experience is –

When is this thing?

Every Sunday, at 10am. Movie will start around 11am, depending on which one you choose.

Where is it?

Roxy Cinemas at The Beach, JBR.

If I don’t live in JBR, where do I park?

The North entrance to the basement parking. Park next to the first lift lobby you see and go straight up. Roxy Cinemas is right there. Free parking for 4 hours.

What does it include?

Between 10-11am, there’s a buffet breakfast spread. You get mini pastries, muffins, cupcakes. All that sweet stuff the kids love. Even a mini vegetarian burger. There’s a live station for omelettes and pancakes. As much tea and coffee as you like. Juice, infused water.

Sometime around then, you get a magician who turns up to do tricks for the kids. My girls loved it. Good way to keep them entertained before the movie starts! Now that the weather is great, you can choose to sit outside in their terrace which overlooks the Flying Cup and the Dubai Eye.

Then it’s movietime. The movie is shown with lower sound levels and increased lighting suited for kids. That’s not all! Popcorn, packet juice and bottle water is ALSO included. Not bad ay?

Updated August 2021 : Entertainer still performs over the summer months, indoors. Also, keep an eye out for which cinemas the movies are shown in. We went in August for Luca and it was in the Platinum Plus cinema rooms. Leather recliner with a table, it was so luxurious!

How much does it cost?

Updated August 2021

95 AED for an adult and a child. An extra child 2 and above would be 40 AED. Under 2’s are free, as long as they don’t take a seat in the cinema.

There is currently a promo ‘Splish Splash Sundays’ where you can pay 135 AED for all that above, including 2 hours access to the Splash Pad. I’ll update to include a review of the Splash Pad soon.

Can I leave them in the cinema and sit by the terrace to have a peaceful cup of coffee?

Ha ha ha….. you wish! You’ll have to stay with them. You are supposed to……


It was quite fun sitting in through a movie where it’s completely okay if your child goes “Mummy, can I have water?” “Mummy, can I popcorn?” “Mummy, can I have juice?” “Mummy I’m bored” ” Mummy, I wanna go home”. Plus you’re forgiven as well if you don’t even watch the movie, you are welcome to scroll through insta or play with your phone, while the kids watch Tom & Jerry (Yes, it was actually quite an entertaining movie for adults….)

My only suggestion? Please use smaller boxes for the popcorn – it’s wayyyyy too much for 2 year olds or even 4 year olds ;)*

*We returned August 2021 and I can report back that the popcorn boxes are of adequate parent-approved sizes now…. ha ha

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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Disclaimer : We were guests of Roxy Cinemas to review the Little Roxy Experience.

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