Breakfast @ Brunch and Cake, The Pointe Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Brunch and Cake is probably one of the few places who can get away with charging 65 AED for a pistachio French Toast. And that was exactly what I wanted to order, until I saw that their Classic Cheddar Smashed Burger was only 32 AED. What a surprise when it came out as two sliders instead of one with a generous portion of fries. I had to pack the other away – it was too much. Unfortunately, it must have been a soft opening pricing, as the link currently shows it as 52 AED – bummer. Ah well – lucky me I guess? ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, how was our little ‘brunch’ at Brunch and Cake?

First off – I wanted to try it out after seeing it here. Then realised they have a new branch at The Pointe which was closer to home – hooray. It was decided – this will be our next get-together spot.

Off I drove towards the Pointe, and parked at ‘East Basement Parking’, as advised by the guy who answered the phone when I rang. Note to cafe : you need to update the phone number on Google. Or at least include it so it’s quick for anyone trying to get hold of you.

It was so peaceful and quiet at The Pointe, 10am on a schoolday morning. There was one other table indoors occupied when we were there. The place is as it markets itself to be – very ‘instagrammable’. White walls, lots of potted plants, mustard bench covers and pretty cushions all around. They definitely did the earthy tone well, and if you pick a spot outdoors you’re looking straight out at clear blue skies and the Atlantis (and its number 2 coming along) right up front.

How was the food, drinks, and service? I was quite happy with my burger. The others ordered the Vegan Beyond Burger (AED 68) and Double Cheese Toastie (AED 47), and because I am such an amazing writer I did not even bother to ask them how the food was. Sorry guys, next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

My latte came in a wee glass, and is priced 29 AED. Steep, yes. So is most of the items on their menu, to be honest. Their breakfast dishes are on average 60-65AED – you get Acai Bowls, Avo Toasts, Egg dishes and French Toasts. The cheapest one would be a double cheese toastie for under 50 AED.

Did we have a good time? Yes. The service did stand out – the staff, was pretty patient accommodating to us and our 101 queries – ‘What sorta cheese is in the vegan cheese cake?’, ‘Does the cookie have nuts?’, ‘What sorta milk do you have?’. The highlight? As it’s Veganuary, you get a complimentary vegan cheesecake with an order of vegan meal – which was perfect for our friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Price-wise, it’s definitely on the more expensive side when it comes to breakfast. Is it worth paying about 100AED for a coffee and a french toast when you have so many other options in Dubai for breakfast around 60AED all-in? If you like pretty things, and you can afford it – yes. Otherwise there are so many options out there for a more affordable breakfast. And me? The person who swears by deals? I’m actually planning when to go back next. It’s pretty amazing what a nice-looking place, and a nice-looking dish can do. Is this the trend now? Be bold, not join in the 241s and target a specific group of people who wouldn’t mind splurging for breakfast? If their Wasl branch did so well that they were brave enough to open another, then maybe yes. I’ll just make sure I put on my ‘earthy tone’ clothes next time I come back ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Note : Non-sponsored. We paid for our meals at Brunch & Cake.

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