The Chelsea Brunch @ London Project, Bluewaters Dubai

After a failed competition attempt for the Chelsea Brunch months ago, followed by another failed review-pitch attempt, I decided maybe one day I would come to The London Project and try it out on my own account.

So when a dear friend whom I haven’t seen for the longest of time got in touch to plan a get-together with the girls, I started to browse all over for a spot for a Saturday brunch. Not many around in the Entertainer, and most of it was a 50aed Careem ride away. Then I remembered about the London Project.

I got in touch to see if we could still avail to their 30% discount that they offered to us ‘non-winners’. Marketing success on their part I’ll say, as I then rang to book for a table for 8. 245AED for their drinks package it would be – not too bad 🙂

Thoughts ? Was it as great as their insta-stories put out to be? It it worth the travel to Bluewaters?

Got into a taxi on a warm Saturday afternoon – ‘London Project at Bluewaters’, I told him. He must have been one of the many auditioning for the Fast and the Furious years ago. No complaints, as I got there in minutes, safe and in one piece, and less than 20AED from the marina.

Then started the trek to this London Project place. It was so humid today. I was all dressed up in my green Oasis floral dress, wandering around through a deserted Bluewaters wondering where the heck this place was. Meraas must have followed on Emaar’s footsteps to show signs for where their restaurants were located as you could see them labelled on every empty storefront. A desperate phonecall a minute later when my face was melting off, I was advised to simply ask the many security personnels around. ‘Over there’, she pointed to the restaurant in front of me. Another minute walk away, hooray. I think my face might just stay on.

I was let up to the upper floor where London Project was situated. It was exactly as how their instagram posts had pictured it to be : Foliage walls, so pretty you could really organise an engagement party there. The first to my table, and not so surprised as I was one of the few on our table that had little people in our lives.

My welcome drink was brought to the table, a very refreshing (however, diluted) version of a Spritz and Fitz. Bear in mind that that’s just me being super critical – when you don’t get out much, you expect your drinks to be s-t-r-o-n-g! Shortly later, the rest of the crew appeared 🙂 I decided I was not going to waste my very precious time-away-from-kids brunch on this Spritz and Fitz bs so it was straight to an Italian Conte Fosco Cuvee Brut 😉 And a great many for the resssst of the afternoon.

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How was it?

I had a great afternoon.

And to be honest, credits mostly to the vocals of the beautiful, talented Sam Tring, the overall ambience of the place, the amazing service, and of course – good company ☺

The food? It was alright. It’s a serve-to-table style – my favourites were probably the pulled beef tacos (beef cheek, sauerkraut, garlic and red Leicester), the very well-put-together yellow-tail ceviche (which my friend had different views to mine, we were arguing about it), and of course, their dessert – the to-die-for chocolate torte.

A hit and miss? The “champagne caviar fish and chips”, and that barbequed courgette which to be honest was pretty bland to me. Or maybe by the time those came along, my taste buds had already been exploited by the various other flavoursome dishes beforehand, that it just didn’t do it for me. That salad was a so-so to us as well. We were debating that that could be replaced with a thai papaya salad or similar. And that fish and chip, maybe with a chicken tikka or something a bit more flavoursome? Or am I bringing too much pan-asian to the menu? Sorry, I’m asian and so was most of the crew on our table – opinions are completely biased 😉

Regardless, all dishes were meticulously presented, instagram-worthy and just a delight to the eyes. Sorry, I don’t really see a lot of these type of food anymore (we have two kids under 4). I haven’t been to a “grown-up” brunch for a long long time either. Saying that, we did have a toddler at the table next to us – and she seemed to fit right in 😉 I wouldn’t bring mine here though – I need to train them a bit better before I bring them to somewhere like the London Project for brunch.

Was it worth the afternoon? Absolutely yes. To take time out and escape for a couple of hours and have a few grown-up drinks, to drift off and listen to Sam Tring as she did my Amy Winehouse favourites’, to have my bubbles replaced, glass after glass without a single attempt of raising my hands. Worth it.

I hear the Friday brunch is much more of a party. Not sure, but I was very happy with the Chelsea Brunch at the London Project 😉 If not for anything, just go there to listen to Sam. She’s amazing.

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  • Deal : They offered a 30% discount when we didn’t win the competition on their instagram page. Maybe you could attempt the next competition and they might offer the same? Try it! 245AED instead of 350AED for the drinks package, and 175AED instead of 250AED for the normal package. Also, Privilee members get 20% off 😉

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. We paid for the Chelsea Brunch at The London Project.

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