Sushi Masterclass @ Tanuki’s, The Dubai Mall

Last weekend we had the opportunity to bring our 3-year old to participate in a sushi masterclass held for kids, at Tanuki’s in the Dubai Mall. Whilst it’s meant for 6-year olds and above, they mentioned that the younger ones are free to join in with guidance from the parents.

Jenny and our little girl

The event was pretty well-organised, with Chef Jayson showing the kids (and parents) all the basics of sushi making. How to make good sushi rice, where to get the seaweed, how you need good avocado. Not that this was of any interest to the 3-year old, it was more so for us grown-ups of course.

Our girl had fun getting dressed up in Tanuki’s own kid’s apron and chef hat, pressing rice down onto the seaweed , attempting to roll (with guidance from Jenny, of course, as mummy didn’t know what to do either.. hehe). She spent half of the class playing with the robot at the front of the restaurant with our friend’s son and running around being silly.

The class was entirely about an hour long, and in the end we got to keep our plate and have it with the family. It was quite a nice evening event and we stayed afterwards to finish off all the sushi, catching up with our friends who had their own plate of sushi too.

I think this was our friends plate, which looks a lot nicer than what I/my girl made, hehe!

How much? 50AED per child, for the masterclass, and to have all the sushi afterwards ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not too bad for a playdate event, ay?

You could stay on afterwards for dinner as Tanuki’s is in the Entertainer as well. We have been there for dinner once when they first open up their doors. Whilst their sushi were pretty impressive, we were rather let down by their stir-fry noodles portions and taste. Might just give them another chance and return for dinner next time. I’m hoping that things have improved since!

On the sushi masterclass – do give it a try. It’s not all the time you can do something with the little ones that you might enjoy and actually learn something from it!ย 

  • Sushi Masterclass for Kid’sย 
  • Tanuki’s Dubai – LG level of the Dubai Mall
  • Price : 50AED per child, Saturday 4-5pm. If you have groups of up to 6, they are happy to do it as well from Sunday – Thursday between 4-6pm.

Disclaimer : We were guests of Tanuki’s to review the Sushi Masterclass for Kid’s. Thoughts are honest, as always – though it’s entirely up to you to judge! ๐Ÿ™‚

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