A Thai-Chinese Night @ Kris With a View Dubai

We almost didn’t make it.

Schoolnights and driving up Sheikh Zayed Road never really went hand in hand, but I managed to convince G that if the food was as good as their Friday Brunch (click here), then it should be worth it!

So off we went to Park Regis Kris Kin in Bur Dubai on a Monday night, to review their newly-launched Thai-Chinese theme night, as part of an invitation. We were the first to arrive, and was placed right by the windows – great spot as the restaurant, appropriately called “Kris with a view” does have a gorgeous view of the Dubai skyline in the evenings. I attempted to capture a nice shot on my amazing Huawei P9, and G and I kept going – Man, we should’ve brought his camera. We were chuckling away, embarrassed, when we saw another couple from the media lot, with a tripod set up, camera installed atop, taking a shot of the skyline. So sorry readers, this is all you’ll get 🙂

We walked around to have a peek of what they had to offer on the buffet spread – goes from thai appetisers like lemongrass fish skewers and pandan chicken, to a row of curries – your classic thai green curry, beef curry, a live station for chinese stir fry (shiitake mushroom, root vegetables, bak choy, meat…), and a massive dessert display – I saw mango and sticky rice and got all excited 😉

Thoughts on the evening, and what we liked :

a) Other than the live stations, the highlight would definitely be chef on carts coming to your table. I like the interaction, asking them what is served… how they’ve prepped it, what goes into it.. etc. Makes the evening more like a Thai-Chinese dinner experience than simply just all about…. stuffing your face.

b) As for food itself, most of our favourites came from the carts as well :

  • thai minced chicken salad (I should have asked them to tone down the spiciness, I was in tears… haha)
  • dim sums served in the cutest little bamboo steamer trays I’ve ever seen… they were just tiny, with two pieces each so you could try everything
  • traditional shaved ice dessert called Ais Kacang. You could argue that this is a filipino dessert as they do something similar called the halo-halo. But hey, this is a Thai-Chinese night so I shall claim it to be Chinese 🙂 Malaysian-chinese.

c) And from the buffet-spread, highlights would have been :

  • pandan chicken – chicken pieces wrapped up in pandan leaves and steamed to bring out the flavour (I know this because we have a pandan plant in our backyard in Malaysia) – you have to try this
  • sago with tapioca pudding – coconuty, sweet, one of favourite Thai desserts
  • stir-fry live station – you pick and choose what you want the chef cooks it up for you – you’ve bok choy, all the root vegetables, seafood, shitake mushrooms… just pick and choose. Freshly cooked is always good.

d) Bonus points for presentation, the use of Chinese oil-paper parasols around the salads and desserts. I love these parasols. Mekong uses these in their private room as well. I had it at my wedding. I’m biased 🙂

And  as for things that could have been better, suggestions are mainly for food only. To be noted that this was a media night, and generally there were no issues with service.

a) Dim sum wrappers for some, were too thick and tough – suggest for team to check whilst prepping.

b) I was quite excited to see sticky rice with mango in the dessert buffet spread, however…. they must’ve missed out the sugar in the coconut milk. The sticky rice was dry as well – suggest to perfect this dessert, as it is usually one of those highlights in Thai cuisine! (PS – Benjarong does this super well )

c) Whilst prepping peking duck at the cart, suggest to use less hoisin sauce or, ask patrons how salty do they want it to be. The pancake itself was perfect – thin and soft, and the duck itself was tender as well. Too much hoisin sauce ruined it for us.

d) The beef in the curry spread was much too tough and chewy. I’m not sure what’s happening with the beef dishes lately (same goes with our review at Mekong).


As for pricing – the Thai-Chinese night will cost you AED145 for food only. Well-priced for what you get, and I would probably recommend to those craving a thai-chinese feast on a Monday night, especially for those living in the area. Cheaper than what you would get in Mekong or Benjarong. As for us driving back on a schoolnight – we might…… if Googlemaps gives us the green light 🙂 How I wish sometimes that Kris with a View was closer to home!

Were you there that night? Did you see our baby making a fuss? I’m sorry 🙂

  • Thai-Chinese Night 
  • Mondays at Kris with a View
  • Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, Bur Dubai 
  • Price : 145 AED for food only

Disclaimer : We were guests of Park Regis Kris Kin to review the Thai-Chinese Theme Night. Thoughts are our own, though it is entirely up to you to judge.




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