An eventful lunch @ Socrates, The Mall Dubai

When “The Beach” was open to the public, we used to make fun of it – how literal things are named in Dubai. The Walk, The Beach, and then there was The Bridge (near Rimal in JBR).

“One day someone is going to build a mall and call it “The Mall”.

That day did come. Sooner than I thought.

So last week mum and I ended up in that area again amidst our nursery hunting (it’s still going on…), tummies rumbling – I took out the handy app to see what food was closeby. There were a handful of restaurants to choose from at The Mall – as we got up to the 1st floor, Socrates caught my eye – Socrates it is.



As with all the new trendy cafes that are popping up all over Dubai – beautiful interiors (is there any that isn’t?), exposed ducts (painted white this time), and a large mural painting of supposedly Socrates with a …. panini? burger? levitating above. It was empty when we got there, which is perfect when you have a very active 9-month old around. Don’t have to hide ourselves in the corner this time round, woohoo.


Oh, did I mention view of the Burj al Arab as well?

To describe how our afternoon went : Could have been better.

Food – We shared a kokinopipero trio (85 AED) – basically three capsicums, cleared and filled with absolutely delicious goodies. Red capsicum with cooked beef and rice, Yellow capsicum with quinoa and chicken, and Green capsicum with vegetables ratatouille. All with their ‘special dip’. This was recommended by our server, and I highly recommend you try it out. Our Pollo Pizza (53 AED) was nothing spectacular, I would probably try something else next time.

Drinks – Cafe Latte for 16 AED – now that’s a good price. All coffees across Dubai should follow suit. None of this 30 AED business.

Service – Here’s where they had fallen short.

Whilst our server was very sweet and friendly, we had quite a bit of a miscommunication.

I had asked for a kokinopipero duo (69 AED) and not the trio, so was a bit surprised when was served the latter. They were nice enough to let us have it anyways and charge us for actual order so that’s fine.

During the order, I had asked for a meat top up to the pizza, so that the total price would match the kokinopipero duo. We were using the Entertainer, had specifically mentioned, and asked at the end of the order if that (pizza + topping) would be the total price removed. Somehow when the bill came they told us that that was not the case.

These things annoy me.

The place was not full, noisy, or busy, as we were literally the only guests at the time of order.

Would suggest that in the future, if the server doesn’t understand what the guests are saying (my english is seriously not that bad), to clarify and ask again before proceeding with the order, to avoid situations like these.

As an overall, would I return? If I was in The Mall, I would probably go and try the other restaurants there first (like The Hutch) – simply because I like to try new restaurants. If someone is a fan of the kokinopipero’s, then yes – I would recommend that they try the ones Socrates have to offer 🙂 For now, I’m hoping that they pick up on communication, to avoid incorrect orders / bill. Miscommunication aside, we did have a good lunch there – and yes, they were an absolute gem with my little girl 🙂 Thanks.

Have you been to Socrates? 🙂

  • Socrates
  • The Mall, opposite Jumeirah Beach Road 
  • Deal : 241 in the Entertainer

Disclaimer : We paid for our meals. All thoughts are our own 🙂 

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  1. There are so many places who aren’t entirely sure of the terms of The Entertainer, and when it comes to the bill there is a dispute. People need to train their staff properly. It’s not difficult.

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