Breakfast @ Chival, La Ville Hotel Citywalk Dubai

What we do a lot these days as a family with a little person : breakfasts. You will probably see more reviews of this from now on 😉 So when La Ville opened its doors in Citywalk, I was quite keen to check out the family-friendly eateries that they have to offer and was happy to accept an invitation to review Chival, their all-day dining restaurant. Much like a lot of trendy cafes popping up around Dubai, they focus on healthy food – and ingredients from around the region. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? A very expensive breakfast? Hmm, let’s see.

The place 

You can get to it via Citywalk itself – it’s near the red phone booth. Routes cater for the wheel-bound peeps which is a relief. Brightly lit indoor areas, with a nice private room as well for larger gatherings. They do have a large outdoor area with couches, which I assume will be quite at night for those who love their sheeshas. As usual, we chose a corner spot outside, just in case the little person decides she wants to make some noise.


What they offer, and what we had

Eggs, all shapes and form (literally what the menu said) – you get the english breakfast (65 AED), eggs benedict (49 AED), shakshuka (49 AED), and surprise surprise – georgian khachapuri (38 AED)! Also porridge (38 AED typically), and pancakes (36 AED).

Instead of going for the usual eggs benedict, we thought we’ll try something different – G had the eggs and gravlax (65 AED) – a combination of deliciously scrambled organic eggs on toasted rye bread, dollop of cream cheese and a generous serving of home-cured salmon on the side which probably tipped the prices above 60 AED.


I was going through a phase of loving porridges, so decided to order their tropical porridge. Priced at 38 AED, it was also a huge serving (so much I couldn’t finish it).


We thought we’ll try the Georgian Khachapuri (38AED) as well as we absolutely loved it when we were back in Georgia few years back (if you haven’t been to the country, you should go check it out!). To be honest it really is simply a flatbread with cheese and organic eggs, and may seem a little bland and overpriced if you haven’t had the real deal. But hey, this is Dubai, and you’ll never get things the as they were priced in Georgia  so give this a try if you have never been there 😉


Chival has a very extensive drinks menu – including local water as well (good on ya). Freshly pressed juices for 28 AED – I would say that is pretty average in Dubai. Not cheap, not extortionate.


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Breakfast for two would be similarly priced to our trip to The Hamptons Cafe just the other day – around 200 AED, though it is to be noted that coffees here are on the lower-side – you can get a latte for 22 AED. To compare apples to apples (..well sort of), an eggs benedict here is 49 AED, which is much cheaper than that of Gourmet by Kcal or The Hamptons (around 59 AED). So let’s put it this way – our breakfast would’ve been expensive as we ordered the pricier items available. You could do below 150AED for two for the basics, sit in a really nice outdoor terrace whilst the weather is fine and then carry on shopping in Citywalk 😉 Oh – free valet as well.

Things that could be better?

Not much to suggest for their breakfast menu really. So many choices to cater for all. Though from the items that we ordered, it was nothing really spectacular or special that I would rave to everyone about. It would be cool if they come up something unique – sorta like what Arrows and Sparrows have done with their Mr and Mrs Benedict? Just a thought.

Would I return? The food is good, and I can see it being quite full especially in the weekends. I would probably wait to see if they join in the Entertainer or similar for deals though 😉

Have you been to Chival? What did you think of what they had to offer? Would you dine there, or go to the other spots in City Walk like Cocoa Kitchen or Aubaine for breakfast?

Disclaimer : We were guests of La Ville Hotel & Suites to review Chival, and their breakfast menu. Thoughts are our own, though it is entirely up to you to judge.

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