Discovering french fare @ Le Classique, Emirates Golf Club Dubai

Last weekend, we got all dressed up for a much belated date at the Emirates Golf Club, across the road. By road I meant the 6-lanes very-busy Sheikh Zayed Road. Though we can actually see the Golf Club from our place, we hardly cross over for food (none of our friends really talks about it?).  I was quite excited to review their  new Discovery Menu – as the press release states, ” bespoke personalised courses created by the talented Chef De Cuisine, Chef Remi Verrier.”

View of the Golf Club from the course-side
With the car parked (for those who hasn’t been here before, there is no valet but ample parking spaces out front), we found ourselves inside Le Classique, one of two restaurants inside the Golf Club. Very romantic, and quiet on a Thursday evening – it was a place for dates, or a group of adults to catch up over a few glasses of wine and good french fare.

The Discovery Menu that we tried that evening was a 3-course fare – called ‘Le Confiance’ at AED 330 per person. Chef Remi came out to introduce himself, and asked if there was anything we could not and did not eat. We eat everything – then I paused and said, except foie gras. No foie gras please. The rest of the night was up to him and the team – a complete surprise 🙂

Here are our thoughts of the our evening, so you can decide if this is what you want :

Highlights :

a) We loved the whole concept of the discovery menu (does anywhere else do this?) – not knowing exactly what is going to come, that the chef will be preparing a surprise for you based on what you can and cannot eat.

b) Amuse bouche was a salmon wrapped around crab meat, with oyster on the side. A dish that could be a standalone entree – we bought loved it. When it came, we asked what it was and though he explained what we could see (salmon.. and the sauces), he did not reveal what was within. This trick worked well  as it was a nice surprise to “discover” what was inside.


c) The personal interaction with the chef (I hope this applies to all the guests that dine there on their own account as well) – getting to know where he’s from, how the menu works… It felt like a proper fine dining experience.

d) With our 3-courses, all dishes were beautifully presented, very simple, but flavoursome. Mixed vegetables to start – asparagus, carrots, mushrooms. Scallops with pork foam (!) for mains with asparagus and peas on the side, finished off with a chocolate tart with fresh berries and ice-cream.

Things that could be improved on :

a) Would enhance the experience if wine pairing could be introduced (I suppose this would tip the pricing as well?) – possibly something to consider for those who wish to splurge a little more.

b) Chocolate dessert was a bit too heavy, and too big for us.  It would have been perfect if  was smaller sized ( Then again, someone with a bigger appetite might find it just right? Thoughts? )

c) For AED 330, pricing is slightly on the steep side – it would probably be better justified if a glass of wine was inclusive.

If you’re looking for a different dining experience, try the Discovery Menu. It’s a romantic spot inside – perfect for dates, or outdoors as well overlooking the Emirates Golf Course (bring a cardigan!). And alas – I would suggest to leave the little ones as home for this 😉 (Unless they can stay asleep in the pram…..)

  • Discovery Menu 
  • Le Classique
  • Emirates Golf Club
  • Deal :  three course ‘Le Confiance’ at AED 330 per person, five course Le Découverte option at AED 450 per person or the nine course journey – Le Dégustation at AED 560 per person. 

Disclaimer : We were guests of Le Classique for the Discovery Menu. Thoughts are our own, though it is entirely up to you to judge.

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2 thoughts on “Discovering french fare @ Le Classique, Emirates Golf Club Dubai

  1. Maybe they listened to my notes — I gave some rather extensive feedback after my visit (a week ahead of you on a super quiet Thursday evening as well). Still not sure what this place is trying to be and the interior felt very dated. 🙁

    1. Ah, it’s good that you gave them feedback. Other than us, there were two other tables indoors and a large group outside.

      Will be quite keen to see the reviews from other people who go there on their own accounts as well ay, hmm!

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