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Been looking forward to checking out Fortnum and Mason since they opened their doors a few years back. So when I saw them in the Entertainer recently, I figured – time to walk in and see what they have to offer. Mum and I, and the little one popped in this morning at around 9:30 am (early, yes). The parlour (top floor) was empty, as I had expected. A quick scan at their breakfast menu – around 50 to 70 AED for a hot meal, drinks separate. I asked if I could use the Entertainer for this and they said yes – so we  sat ourselves in a corner booth and started snapping away. The parlour is pretty – pastels everywhere, makes you feel like you’re having a tea party in the gardens somewhere 🙂


Thoughts of breakfast and the overall experience?

Hmm. I was a little disappointed, to be honest. Mind you, the food itself was not too bad. Loved my smoked haddock and potato hash, which served with buttered spinach, poached organic eggs and mustard cream was a delicious combination (AED 60). Mum’s dish was a bit more generous in portions  – scrambled organic eggs with scottish smoked salmon and toasted organic bread (AED 70).


And here’s one of the most expensive cup of latte’s you’ll ever have with breakfast – 32 AED, ta da. Paired with a little ice-cream in a mini cone, I’ll forgive them, maybe 🙂


So far so good, add in the beautiful ambience of the parlour, sounds like a really nice morning to spend with the family, you’ll say. We were the only ones there so no issues with trying to get our orders in and having the food served promptly either, the staff were very friendly in general. Then, comes the let down.

Suggest, in the future – if guests have not asked for the bill, please do not bring it to the table, just yet. Especially when they look like they’re still chatting away, and especially if I was actually busy with my daughter (to be exact, nursing, and yes I was covered). There was no one else in the entire parlour so I wasn’t sure what the rush was. They really should have asked, if we wanted another cup of tea, maybe try a slice of cake, possible their popular ice-creams? It was straight to it – bill on table. So there I was, half tending to my daughter, and attempting to find the outlet on my Entertainer App, and paying. Pretty awkward 🙂

C’mon, you guys know better than that 🙂 Give us a few minutes, I would have asked for another cup of tea, maybe 🙂 Glad that it was a 241! Maybe it was a one off? Maybe the service in the restaurant downstairs is better? I see the afternoon tea is in the App as well – maybe I’ll give it a try, quite keen actually as it’s 245 AED for two afternoon sets and the ladies mentioned that it was refillable!!! 🙂

Alright, alright, ranting aside, it was a lovely breakfast spent with the family 🙂

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Disclaimer : We paid for our meals. All thoughts are our own 🙂 

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