House Party Brunch @ Zero Gravity Dubai

When someone says they’re going to Zero Gravity – you know it’s going to be a big night. That’s probably why we haven’t been there for more than, let me see, more than 18 months now (10 months growing a baby, 5 months taking care of one, and a few months before all that doing….not too much). So when a friend said he was going to have his birthday do there (waves!), and mum was here – I was more than excited. Our first real night out in the longest of time! Hee hee hee.

Priced at 295 AED per person, the Zero Gravity House Party brunch honestly is, a pretty good deal. Unlimited drinks (you pour your own…or you can be posh and ask them to do it for you), and lots of food. What makes it a bit different than other brunches is – the games. Giant jenga, foosball, and beer pong. Yes, you got it, like a house party.




There’s a BBQ station where the chef preps your corn and meat for you – beef steaks, lamb, sausages. There a lot of pre-prepped finger food – sliders, hotdogs, vegetarian options. Oh and yes, sushi too, and yes, with salmon. Not to forget, popcorn in a bucket. How can you have a house party without popcorn. Honestly, if you’re there, you’re not there to sit down and have a fine dining meal. You’re there to have a good time – and the brunch is that. The food is not anything exceptional – it is good enough to keep everyone full, and happy.

The plus side with the drinks is it’s self-service. So you know when you go to a house party and you pour half a cup of gin for that gin and tonic? Yeah. Or half a cup of whisky for that whisky coke? Yeah. No one will bat an eyelid if you fill up your glass to the brim with wine. Oh, unless you’re that girl who wants to stand in the corner and look pretty and not play. Hehehehe. And play, is what Zero Gravity has.




Move on to the end of the 1st floor and you get the games. It does get a bit rowdy to be honest. C’mon, beer pong. Giant jenga. That’s why they have security, and they’ll chase you out around 11pm, and no you can’t bring the drinks outside so make sure you finish them beforehand 🙂 The entire outdoors become a party, there’s a dj set, dry ice, even bubbles. It’s beautiful.

So, would I recommend it? Go with a group of friends for a birthday, for a night out. Don’t go there with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife to talk about life and have some private time. It’s a house party. Where else better to do it than Zero Gravity.

No, they’re not in the Entertainer so there are no deals as yet, but 295 AED is pretty well-priced, if you’re there for drinks. There is no non-alcoholic option, sorry!


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