Berries and Bubbles Ladies Night @ Champagne Lounge, St Regis Dubai

I saw a post on this, on One Night Only DXB‘s post here early August – gotta go check it out. Always fun to check out new bars in this city over ladies’ night. So we got to St Regis last night around 8pm, through that grand entrance and walked up to – Champagne Lounge.

Now if you have never been there you probably don’t know where it is. A little lounge, lit pink (for the night?) by the grand staircase on the first floor, next to Sidra and Brasserie Quartier, both of which we’ve been on different occasions. As I walked in, the bar was fairly packed with ladies all dressed up – cocktail dresses, heels, smart work attire, smoke in the air.

A lady, who was obviously part of the staff came up and I said to her ” We’re looking for our friends. ”

She looked at me and said ” Welcome back ! ”

I pause. I’ve never been to Champagne Lounge before. The last time I came to St Regis was the day before our little girl arrived, for afternoon tea at Sidra Lounge. 

She then asked, “How is the baby?”

Goosebumps. Goodness gracious.

Mum and I looked her completely baffled and I laughed – completely embarrassed that I had forgotten who she was – apparently the staff who took care of us at afternoon tea over 5 months ago now. Incredible! Talk about a good memory. Plus I looked quite different then (with a little person inside), everything swollen and oversized, haha.

Moving onto ladies nights – thoughts for the night?


What you get? Free-flow bubbles (to K from ippandco : apparently, not the cheap stuff that gives you a horrible hangover the next day, according to my friends..)  You don’t even have to get out of your seat, they just come over to top up for you continuously. And berries, for the table

When? Wednesdays, 7-9pm.

How was it? It’s a cosy bar, lit pink. Music is not too loud, so you can hear each other. Go early and you will be able to get the couches, otherwise you can sit by the bar, or around the standalone bar tables. It’s nice – for a catch up, though it’s nothing really showy – there is no terrace, so no views. You’re there just to see the girls in a nice little bar. It’s not somewhere I will bring guests from overseas to – unless I had already planned dinner there and was to pop in for a drink afterwards.

How was the crowd? 95% girls, well-dressed. Nothing over-the-top, a lot of them look like they’ve come over after work in smart work attire. Busy, it was packed when we left at 10pm. No creepy looking men which is nice for a change.

Anything that could have better? To introduce a bar food menu. They gave us one, and there were sandwiches, spaghetti bolognaise, steak. Not sure who will order a steak at a ladies night. The girls ordered a cheese platter though (not on menu) to share. Suggest to introduce one with bar bites.

Always a fun (rare) night with the girls (whilst the husband gets to spend daddy-daughter time at home!). Shout out to Sopit (I will remember your name from now on) – for having an amazing memory. I’ll bring our little girl back next time to see you 🙂

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