Brunch 2.0 @ Brasserie 2.0, Le Royal Meridien Resort

I have a soft spot for the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort. They have a fine selection of restaurants (Rhodes Twenty10’s our favourite!), and is one of many resorts we would recommend for a staycation.  During our stay there few summers back, we had breakfast at the then called ‘Brasserie’. So when it was revamped, and launched as ‘Brasserie 2.0’, I made a mental note to myself that we shall return to check it out. Glad that we had the opportunity to do so, as guests of Citispi last Friday.

So how was it?

If you have started to steer clear of buffet-type brunches, I will actually recommend that you give this one a chance. It’s not like all the rest. What tips the scales? The service, the quality of the food which is actually cooked fresh and if requested (or offered) – brought to your table for you, and the ambience. So no, it’s not really ‘ala carte’, though I wouldn’t say it’s entirely ‘buffet’ –  because you still get to choose what you want and they cook it your style – and it’s so good.

We loved the :

(a) the live seafood cooking station (with lobsters, scallops, salmon, prawns – yum!) I was staring at it for awhile thinking, hmm, what should I have? And one of the guys came over and suggested that they bring over a selection of everything. Done!


(b) the sushi and sashimi platters (yes there was a lot of salmon, and seriously if you like sushi, you could just blow up the photo of the display and hang it on your wall – it will cheer yourself up on a bad day)


(c) the DIY-tacos from the mexican station – what an ingenius idea, so you get to choose how much guacomole or tomatoes you want, and the tacos stay crispy!


(d) the detail taken to the desserts –   it’s always a plus when it’s not “just pretty” but tastes just as good as well πŸ™‚


(e) how beautiful the restaurant has become from the renovation – think green, brown and white, maximising natural light. Here’s a shot of the place before it was filled up.


(f) and yes they do have live music, with Josh McCartney’s band (who’s not so hard on the eye) and band playing songs from John Mayer and . According to the more musically intelligent husband, apparently it was not so good but to every other average person (me!) – I loved it πŸ™‚

No complaints on (g) the drinks selection either – sparkling wine, white and reds, with a few cocktails on offer – mojitos, pina coladas, palomas, and beers.


At this point, this is where I usually find some suggestions on things that could be better – and honestly could not find fault in the food or the service that day. I will however be very curious how service will fare if we were to return with a large group.

Now onto the big question – how much is it? Alright I’ll admit, the brunch is not cheap – with prices in a similar bracket to that of Bubbalicious in The Westin down the road (400 aed for non-alcoholic, 525 aed for alcoholic and sparkling, and 725 aed for all that plus champagne ). Comparing the two, I would personally prefer Brunch 2.0 – much classier, civilised, and though the food spread may not seem as extensive as the other, it is very good.

When the weather cools, this will be one popular brunch spot for families and friends. 

So, have you been to Brunch 2.0 during the winter months – how is it like? Or, have you been there recently? I’m looking forward to seeing how Le Royal Meridien will look like when the renovation to the lobby is completed as well!

  • Brunch 2.0 at Brasserie 2.0
  • Le Royal Meridien Resort and Spa
  • Every Friday from 1:30pm to 4:30pm
  • AED 400 inclusive of non alcoholic beverages.
    AED 525 inclusive of selected alcoholic beverages and Sparkling.
    AED 725 inclusive of selected alcoholic beverages and Champagne.
  • No specials at the moment, but keep your eye out on the Citispi app!

Disclaimer : We were guests of Brasserie 2.0 for the brunch.

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