100AED Anniversary Brunch @ Original Wings and Rings

When the press release popped up in my inbox, I went into crazy sharing mode. Dropped it into group chats with friends and we were set, booked for the weekend after ๐Ÿ™‚


Now we’ve never been to Original Wings and Rings. Truth be told the number of times we’ve been to DIFC to dine can be counted on one hand. Okay, maybe both hands. But 100AED for food and free-flow? We’ll make it an exception.

I know you must be thinking, what is your problem, you’re not even drinking. He he he he. Well everybody else will be and it makes me happy when everyone is happy. Plus I get to have free-flow juices, nothing wrong with that!

So, thoughts? Cheap and cheerful, as they say ๐Ÿ™‚

Food – You would have thought for the price that you’re paying, you’re going to get bad food. It’s actually pretty alright. My rib-eye steak fajita was so juicy and good. We ordered a selection of appetisers to share, cheese quesadillas, onion rings, supreme nachos. The boys had a selection of wings for mains, as you would do going to place called ‘Original Wings and Rings’.

Drinks – For beers you can Peroni and Fosters, Cocktails, you get Tequila Sunrise and Kamikazes, and then there’s red and white wine which no one in our troupe ordered ( I probably would have if I was drinking.. he he )

Atmosphere – It was packed on Friday. It’s a bit of a random location to be honest, on ‘C’ floor of Liberty house in DIFC. You go in and soon after it was full-house. We were at the non-smoking area and it wasn’t so bad really, and although you’re really sharing the same enclosed area so technically you’ll be breathing in the same air, I didn’t feel like there was smoke blowing into my face. And there’s always the outdoor terrace should you like to head out for one ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s different? – It’s a sports bar so there were a few screens showing … something (obviously wasn’t paying attention). A few game machines around. Watched some guys shooting deers for a bit. Pretty casual spot so keep that fancy dress at home.

Service – Pretty slow at first, I was getting quite frustrated to be honest. Think they need more wait staff for sure. It did pick up and Marcy was the sweetest so all good afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚

And the damage? The best bit isn’t it. 100AED. Only for March and April. So book soon as I’m sure they’ll be quite full! Tell them you’re going for the Anniversary brunch.

I hear they do ladies nights on Wednesdays as well? 8-11pm, 3 drinks? Have you been? is it good? I doubt I’ll make it before I pop. Next time!

  • 100AED Anniversary Brunch
  • Original Wings and Ringsย 
  • Set Menu of Appetiser and Mains +ย Free-flow drinks
  • Every Friday 1-4pm for March and April 2016 only
  • Level C, Liberty House, DIFC.
  • Websiteย ( The online booking system didn’t work for me, just give them a call instead if it’s the same for you )
  • +971 4 359 6900

Disclaimer : Same old. Paid for brunch. Called to book for our troupe so doubt they knew I was going to do a review on them (otherwise service would have been a lot…. quicker….. ha ha ). Credits to Seven Media for getting the press release out. ย  ย ย 

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