#52 Food wastage in the UAE

I’m sure a lot of people have a lot to say about this. We’ve all been to brunches and the many glorious buffets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or wherever you live in the UAE. My  blog focuses mainly on that isn’t it – how to enjoy the ‘luxuries’ that the UAE has to offer… without breaking your wallet.  We don’t tend to see the ‘other side’, and for the first time on Saturday I saw it with my own eyes, as plates of cheesecakes, custards, and puddings were thrown into a big bin, together with the miniature glasses they all came in.

I was about to go – hold on, don’t chuck it, let me take it home! But you know they won’t let you do that. 

When we go out to eat, if it’s ala carte and there’s leftover we’ll always ask for it to be taken away. That’s all we can do, really. And if you go to brunch, just take what you want to eat, and for goodness sakes finish your plate 🙂 Don’t know where I’m going with this. Just rambling on……

And to end a random post, on the ‘bright side’, here’re a few snaps of the sunset from the event we went to on Saturday at Saadiyat Beach Club.. 🙂 To sum it up, we are all blessed to be living in the UAE, we all get to see the beauty and the luxuries it has to offer, but not so often do we get to see what happens when the sun goes down. I am a hypocrite of sorts as I write a lot about brunches. Guilty guilty guilty…





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