Our meaty dinner date @ Porterhouse Steaks & Grill

Onboard EK 334 once again back to the far east, with my laptop and 4 hours to go. It doesn’t charge well so I have probably not a lot of time to do this post (Afternote : This post was actually finished up a day later when I could charge my lap top back again….) 

Few weeks ago when we were staying in the Sofitel in The Palm (click here for my write-up on it), we were treated to what I should say a meat-fest of fine dining proportions 🙂

We were contemplating going for a simple New Zealand steak (which never fails, by the way) but thought we should really try something different – and went for Porterhouse’s Classics for two – Chateaubriand US Prime steak, all 600 grams of goodness, carved at your table.  

Dining at Porterhouse is an experience by itself, it’s not somewhere you go out with friends and family just to catch up over a meal. Let’s just say that if you’ve ventured far enough to that side of the Palm, and is willing to pay a little more, expect to be at least a little impressed. Otherwise, out comes all the fangs for reviews on Tripadvisor ay? 🙂

To begin the dinner, I went for the Australian Angus beef tartare prepared at your table with classic condiments, grilled rye bread, dashed with a bit of sea salt from Hawaii.


I watched as our very charming server prepped the whole dish next to us, with the ‘classic condiments’ including the yolk of a raw egg.


I wouldn’t pretend, it tasted quite peculiar to be honest. I love food prepared raw, maybe more so when it’s in a Japanese restaurant, but I felt that it tasted a bit too meat heavy (yes I know I’m in a steak restaurant) – and on hindsight should have went with their classic ceasar salad or similar.

The final deal – 110AED

G was smarter, and went for the green pea soup – cooked with just the right amount of mint, creme fraiche and pink peppercorn. Superb. 

Now the highlight of the night, and possibly the ‘end’ of our night as well, as we could not anything more. When our the staff came to us holding this, G and I were just dancing inside. Look at that, how beautiful is it.


And so he prepared it right next to us as we watched, hungry, hungry.

It’s a bit like watching theatrics minus the singing and dancing in front of you, all happening inside your body.

And then the final dish was prepared, and just looking at the steak right now makes me hungry. Cooked medium to perfection, red in the middle, slightly brown on the outside. Juicy. Good enough to turn a vegetarian into a meat-lover. Just.

The final deal for one! – 590 AED for twoI

I could not finish more than 2 pieces of my steak, and G was stuffed with 4. We actually ended up taking it away after signing the usual H&S waiver. So go there hungry. Really hungry. 

Atmosphere-wise, I thought it was a bit too quiet when we were there. Maybe it was just that night, I don’t know. Most of the patrons looked like couples there for a date, or friends having a quiet, civilised night-out. So no it’s not a brunch-like atmosphere, he he.

Go check it out if you like your steaks. It’s quite pricey I’ll say, so go there with your Entertainer Fine Dining voucher for mains! Mmm, hungry now….

Disclaimer : We were guests of Sofitel The Palm to review the Porterhouse. All thoughts are our own, though it is entirely up to you to judge.  

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4 thoughts on “Our meaty dinner date @ Porterhouse Steaks & Grill

  1. I can’t for the life of me eat a meat tartare. It’s one thing to eat raw fish but raw meat is whole different level of raw. :p

    That steak looks glorious! There should be a whole orchestra playing a celebratory song while it’s being delivered to your table.

    I shouldn’t have read this post while I’m eating a cheap, ready-to-cook meatballs. I kind of hate you a little right now. 🙂

  2. Hahahaha.

    I wasn’t planning to have dinner tonight (jetlag) but after doing the blog post I got hungry and actually went back to Greenbelt 3 to have ramen. It was really good! It’s pouring tonight by the way, love the weather here, honestly. No rain in Dubai !!!

    Yeah I thought I’ll push my limits and try ‘something different’ ay. It was much too raw for me. The steak was good though and yes, a whole orchestra would have been perfect, lol! 🙂

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