#42 Witnessing a solar halo in Paphos

We’re back! 🙂

I normally get lazy to do travel blog posts, as that’s where Mr Mustard comes into play……

Here’s the first of hopefully more to come, of our lil getaway to Cyprus……

On the fourth day in Cyprus, we drove west towards Paphos. As we were walking along the marina, we heard a girl shout out to her friend “Look at the sun!”

We looked at up, and lo’ and behold’, was a massive ring, like a circular rainbow, around the sun. Everyone stopped to look up, take photos, instagram, tweet, what not. It was pretty amazing. 

Solar halo, taken whilst in Paphos

We’ve never seen it in our lives. 

According to Wikipedia, a halo is an ” optical phenomenon produced by light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere, resulting in a wide variety of colored or white rings, arcs and spots in the sky “

So no, sorry to disappoint you, but it was not a UFO trying to land in Cyprus. Boo hoo. No Channing Tatum flying down 😦

Another shot, taken by G with a different setting

Did you see it that day? 🙂 

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Dubai resident. Stays most of the time in the marina as she can't be bothered going anywhere else after work and in the weekends. Originally from the land of the orang utans, spent the latter half of her life in the land down under. Always on the look out for deals, loves organising get-togethers, and occasionally steals some time for a sip of wine or four at ladies nights.

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