Spiderman does Cayan Tower

It’s so hot tonight. Apparently it was 40 degrees this afternoon. 32 degrees right now. I can’t imagine how Alain Robert felt as he monkeyed his way up Cayan Tower. 

So I got real excited when I heard about the news. It was on constructionweekonline.com, and splashed all over social media. “Just next door to us, we’re gonna get front row seats on our teeny weeny balcony!” Just before 8pm I went to have a look and then realized, bugger – he’s going to be going up the side facing Grosvenor House Hotel.

Launch party at Grosvenor House Hotel

Off I went on my bicycle to Cayan Tower, where lots of people have gathered to watch. He was already halfway up by then. Sadly we don’t own a super camera, so here’s as good as it gets, until the pro photos gets onto the news 🙂

Spiderman, nearly at the top of Cayan Tower

Just as he crept over the corner, I decided, it’s home-time. It’s too hot 😉

Salute to Alain Robert, the real-life spiderman. No ropes, no safety harnesses. Just a simple man, climbing the twisty tower.

So, when was the last time you did something as crazy as that ?!

Coincidentally the last time two men did something just as mind-boggling were the two frenchmen who base-jumped off Burj Khalifa. Ha ha. What’s with the french and towers ay 😉

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