A Night in Meydan Hotel

Somebody tell me who did the interior design for Meydan Hotel’s rooms?

I love it!

The rooms are rectangular, but they managed to fit it out in such a way that when you open the door, all you see is an curved alleyway leading into your grand home away from home.

You feel like a little kid in a maze, trying to find all the hidden doorways ๐Ÿ˜€

The usual amenities that you get in a hotel room is carefully designed to be hidden away from sight within the curved partition walls – your closet, your bathrobes/shoes, your fridge and usual tea/coffee. So cool ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a lot of respect for them interior designers that did the layout. Kinda feel like they were given an area and challenged to do ‘something different’. Salute. We need more quirky designs like these in Dubai ay.ย 

Meydan Hotel’s Grand Lobby

Upon checking in on Friday evening prior to the Oil Barons Ball, it was really the first time the both of us had stepped foot into Meydan Hotel. We didn’t expect to be wow-ed, it was after all “just a race-course hotel.” Hahaha. How wrong could we be? Just look at the lobby – all the space that could have been turned into money-making rooms were instead exchanged for an impressive high ceiling, proudly exposing the structure and glass facade. ย Super salute, he he.

Glorious morning view overlooking the race course

We pulled open the curtains the next morning, to this. Jockeys training as the sun rose….. sigh.

Infinity pool on the top floor

After breakfast, we did a lil wandering around, and found ourselves to the top floor, where the infinity pool lay. We were a little tired from all the shenanigans over the weekend, so didn’t jump in for another swim. Next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

The breakfast spread was however, surprisingly small considering the size of the hotel. We had expected something a bit more extensive ay. Happy that they had dim sums though!

With the Dubai World Cup coming, I can imagine the hotel will be pretty fully booked. We’ve never been to the World Cup, maybe this year we’ll check it out? Hopefully the rooms wouldn’t be too expensive then? Hmm, wishful thinking, hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will be cool to take Mr. Mustard there, wouldn’t it.

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    1. Whaaattttt, you’ve been there 6 times???? Hahahaha!!!! Okay then I better go then, lol!! I bought a headpiece thing last year and it’s been sitting in my closet for more than a year, about time I use it… hmmm

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