Breakfast @ The Farm, Al Barari Dubai

Had heard about this hidden oasis, from friends and social media for awhile now, and it was one of those spots where you add to the ‘to-do’ list. What a better time to bring mum there on a cool Winter February morning 😉


When I rang at 11am, we were told it was” fully booked, but just come by anyways and we’ll try and get you a seat”. Luckily enough we were given a table straight away when we got there. Tip : Try and call and book anyways if you can, as they are really busy. 


Surrounded by greenery, with a beautiful pond alongside, it really didn’t feel like you were in Dubai at all 🙂



Whilst the breakfast was delicious, we felt that service was a bit of a letdown – food came after 25 minutes, and the drinks only came another 5 minutes later… which we figured must be because they had forgotten about it :/

It is on the pricey side, where things are ordered and priced individually. Brown bread (1 portion, 3 pieces) costs 7 AED. Mum wanted omelette with ‘everything inside’ but the way it’s done is such that you pay for each ingredient separately, so for a omelette with vegetables and cheese inside , and mushrooms on the side, it’ll cost you 36AED + 6ED + 8AED. My zuchinni hash and poached egg was perfectly done (38AED), and G’s toasted salmon bagel was tasty as well (50AED).



Ah, and drinks. It was way too steep at 26AED for a cafe latte, and 36AED (gasp!) for a vanilla coffee – which is the same price as my poached eggs, hmm. English breakfast tea (Tchaba teabags) cost 26AED. Mmmm 🙁

The argument will probably be that you’re paying for the whole experience ay. It is a beautiful lush green spot, and although the food was good, it didn’t feel like it was worth what they were charging. Definitely a place you should go once to see what the fuss is about though, and hey, maybe the service would be better when you’re there 😉

PS – Just in case anyone was wondering – no there is no Entertainer voucher for this place 😉

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3 thoughts on “Breakfast @ The Farm, Al Barari Dubai

  1. Great review – I’ve heard about this place and wanted to go but with those prices I might stay away… if they don’t have customers maybe they’ll drop the prices?!

    1. Thanks! How u!

      Mm, I think it’ll stay busy ay, it was packed when we went, especially with whole families, kids and all! Definitely a lot of people in Dubai who won’t mind paying 7AED for 3 pieces of bread (it was good bread though, ha ha). To be honest the food is good though so they’re banking on that, hmmmmm.. ;D

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