Afternoon Tea @ Rhodes W1, Grosvenor House Dubai

Grosvenor House was celebrating having more than 2000 followers on instagram, and we jumped at the opportunity to join in this afternoon for their celebrations at Rhodes W1 🙂

If you did not take photos as you entered the restaurant, shame on you 😉 Foliage walls, white and yellow, you feel like you’ve just entered a lil cafe down the rabbit hole. I almost felt guilty I didn’t choose a dress of the same colour theme. Ah, next time. 

Chris, the restaurant manager told us as we were leaving that Rhodes W1 boasts the largest selection of gin in Dubai. A glance at their bar and G and I are thinking, mmmmmm, gotta come back one evening 😀

We were all pampered with their afternoon tea selection of sandwiches – cucumber, tomatoes, salmon, eggs, chicken. All perfectly cut on a three-tiered tray, colours matching their teaset. So pretty, that I was one of those annoying people who couldn’t stop taking photos from every single angle, ha ha.

Just as we thought it was over, next came the dessert tray. Freshly baked mini scones, lil chocolate tarts – moist in the middle, chocolate eclairs, ahh.

The highlight was the instagram brownies. Ah, I so regret not asking to take one home! We found it too pretty to destroy so we never had one, plus the fact that we were absolutely stuffed 😉

According to gorgeous Eileen, everything is made inhouse, so the chef had done these brownies himself. Salute. It almost felt like it was taken straight out of your phone 😉

Instagram brownies!

We left around 6pm as the sun was setting, and as we were driving across the bridge I looked back and wondered why I never noticed Rhodes W1 whenever we cycle pass. Glad we went by today, and reminder to myself that next time I’ll put on a yellow dress.

Cheers to Grosvenor House for hosting, and for letting followers attend!

Ps – Perfect spot for baby showers and girly gatherings. Doesn’t mean you can’t drag your other half there in the evenings for dinner though, just tell him they serve good gin? 😉

Pps – I googled online to check what their normal price is for afternoon tea and it’s 150AED per person. Unfortunately GHH is not in The Entertainer, but you’re definitely paying for ‘something special’ 😉 

  • hodes W1
  • Grosvenor House Dubai
  • Rhodes W1 Website
  • Afternoon Tea – Wednesdays to Saturdays, 2:30 – 5:00 pm

Disclaimer : We were guests of Grosvenor House for the afternoon tea celebration. This review was done in February 2015. Please check the website for current details of the Rhodes w1 Afternoon Tea.

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